Orchestral and Choral programs

If you are interested in playing in the orchestra or singing in a choir, you need to read this information and complete the Musical Interest Survey found at forms.haverford.edu/view.php?id=42116 by August 1, 2013.

As an instrumentalist there are many opportunities to perform both in the orchestra and in chamber music.  The orchestra rehearses once a week, Thursday evenings from 7 to 9:30, with one to two performances each semester.  Sectionals are also on Thursday evenings and run by top professional musicians from the Philadelphia area, including some members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Repertoire for the fall of 2013 include Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 in c minor and a new Symphony by Haverford College Professor of Music, Ingrid Arauco.

The chamber music program is exciting and open to all instrumentalists.  The program reflects a wide range of instrumental styles and instrumentation including a brass quintet, percussion ensemble, piano four-hand, woodwind duos and trios, and flute choir. Every year chamber music ensembles have the opportunity to perform in master classes given by internationally renowned artists.

CHORAL MUSIC AT HAVERFORD AND BRYN MAWR The bi-college community is home to an unusually large variety of faculty-led and student-led singing groups embracing a wide range of musical styles.

The Chamber Singers are a select mixed chamber choir of 34 voices who perform a challenging and varied repertoire ranging from works of the classical masters, to international folk-based styles, to the close harmony of vocal jazz. There are frequent solo opportunities for members of Chamber Singers, both with Chamber Singers and in major works with the Chorale.   Rehearsals for Chamber Singers are Monday and Tuesday afternoons in MacCrate Hall (Haverford) and Thursday afternoons in the Music Room at Goodhart Hall (Bryn Mawr) from 4:30-5:45.

Many of the students who sing in Chamber Singers are also leaders or members of one of the many student a cappella groups.  Announcements for auditions for these groups will be posted during the first week of classes.  We also work closely with the athletic department to try to enable singer/athletes to be able to take advantage of both sports and music opportunities as much as possible.

Wednesday night is Chorale night in the bi-college community!  As many as 140 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members look forward to a mid-week break singing the great masterworks of the oratorio repertoire in performances with full orchestra made up of advanced players from the bi-co orchestra supplemented by professional music students from Temple University and the Curtis Institute of Music. Fall 2013 will be devoted to the music of Beethoven:  the last movement of his 9th Symphony (the “Ode to Joy”) and the Kyrie and Dona Nobis Pacem movements of his Missa Solemnis.

For any questions about the bi-college choral program check out our website at www.haverford.edu/music/choral/choralpro.php or email director Thomas Lloyd at tlloyd@haverford.edu or call him at (610) 896-1006.


Auditions for the Orchestra, Chamber Singers and Chorale, will be held during Customs Week and the first weeks of classes.

More information on Auditions for instrumental music can be found at: www.haverford.edu/music/appliedmusic/instrumentalAdmissions.php

More information on Auditions for singers can be found at:


Once accepted into any of the above ensembles, you have the option of registering for 1/2 unit credit (pass/fail) (registration for credit is required for Chamber Singers or Chorale).  Graded credit is also awarded for private study.


Partially subsidized lessons with a broad range of some of the fine professional musicians in the Philadelphia area are also available to students at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges.  If you are interested in private lessons for credit and/or subsidy, just indicate this at the time of your audition.  Lists of teachers will be made available during the first week of classes.

See www.haverford.edu/music/choral/privatestudy.php for more information about our voice teachers and registering for voice lessons.

For further information about music at Haverford, go to www.haverford.edu/music/


Welcome to the Haverford community Class of 2017!morris

In order to assure you have a smooth and healthy transition to your new community, there are a number of things you must complete this summer:

End of June: 

Sickle Cell Requirements (New for 2013): Visit: moodle.haverford.edu/course/view.php?id=5616   Contact Greg Rosnick at 610-795-6129 if you have any questions.

 July 21

(a) Physical Examination (PE) Form, including record of current immunizations.  You can download a copy of the PE Form from our website:www.haverford.edu/healthservices/files/Physical_Examination.pdf

Please send the PE Form, completed by a health care provider (not a parent), to Health Services via fax (610-896-1090) or mail, or scan and email the form to both the administrative assistant and director.

(b) Confidential Health Record   www.admin.haverford.edu/servlet/reality/hcadmin/confhealth

You can access the First-Year Students web page via our main web page: www.haverford.edu/healthservices/  *Be sure to click “Submit” when done and look for the confirmation message.

A late fee of $75 will be charged for failure to submit fully completed health forms by July 21, 2013.

Due by August 1

All Haverford students are required to have proof of health insurance. Waive or enroll in health insurance only on line. To waive or enroll or to see a full list of accepted insurance plans, go to our website www.haverford.edu/healthservices/insurance.php

A late fee of $35 will be charged for failure to complete the on line registration by August 1, 2013.

It is recommended that you enroll in the college insurance program if your current health insurance does not work within a 10-mile radius of the Philadelphia area (plans such as HMOs, Foreign/international, PPOs that pay out of network only). Students can submit bills directly to their insurance plan or pay by check or cash. Students are responsible for all incurred medical expenses. Students should bring their insurance card, or copy of their card, with them during their initial visits to the Health Center to be scanned into our system.

New this year, if your insurance changes after you have completed the waiver process or it changes outside of the open registration period, which is from now until the August 1st deadline, there is an up-date feature that will be available after August 1st, 2013. This feature will then be available to students who have completed their waiver process to access anytime their insurance might change until the next open registration period. This feature does not replace the registration/waiver process and is only for up-dating insurance information due to a subsequent change.

August 1  (International Students)

Note that, from time to time, overseas health insurance has proven not to work in favor of students. Since the United States does not offer public health services for non-citizens, hospital costs can be alarming. Because Haverford requires its students to have adequate private health insurance, we highly suggest you purchase the college plan available at www.haverford.edu/healthservices/insurance.php

Students must meet the Health Services requirement before arriving on campus for the International Students Orientation (ISO).

Due before or upon arrival on campus

If you will be younger than 18 years of age at time of arrival, your parent/guardian must complete the Consent to Treat a Minor Form and send it to Health Services. Please download the form from our website: www.haverford.edu/healthservices/files/Consent_to_Treat_a_Minor.pdf

August 28 (Opening Day)

While the Health Clinic is closed between the end of spring semester, we will review voicemail and email and follow through as needed on a weekly basis. Please do not call other departments on campus with Health Services related issues. Thank you!

Mailing address:               Haverford College Health Services

370 Lancaster Avenue

Haverford, PA 19041-1392

U.S.A. (Only add if being mailed from outside the U.S.)

Fax:                                        610-896-1090

Phone:                                   610-896-1089

Website:                             www.haverford.edu/healthservices/

Email:       Please email both Dotty Gardler, Administrative Assistant, and Catherine Sharbaugh, Director, at dgardler@haverford.edu and csharbau@haverford.edu




Some important deadlines are approaching……    Clock-Ticking-2163517

  • Application to participate in the TRICO Institute is due June 14
  • Student Entry Form and Housing application are due June 19
  • Adviser questionnaire is due June 28.



Please make sure to submit the forms by the deadline.  If you are unable to meet the deadlines,  please do let us know.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email Karl or Nate, your  Dean’s Office Interns at:  hc.new.students@gmail.co


Academic Advising Program

MP900439558At this point in the summer I want to give you some idea of how to prepare for the academic challenges ahead as well as make a request for some personal information so we can be better prepared to work with you in this important transition.

You can look forward to working with two members of the Haverford community who are specifically concerned with providing you with the guidance necessary for the development of your academic program.  You will be paired with a Faculty Adviser, who is a full-time member of the Haverford faculty, and an Upper Class Adviser, or UCA, a junior or senior student who has been extensively trained to help acquaint you with your academic options.  The UCA will be a part of your customs group so there is easy access to good academic advice.  She/he can also help you make sense of the Tri-College Course Guide ( www.trico.haverford.edu/cgi-bin/courseguide/cgi-bin/search.cgi ) and Catalog www.haverford.edu/catalog/ both of which you can access on line during the summer

Time will be provided during Customs Week for you to meet with your Faculty Adviser and UCA to discuss your academic program and put you in a position to begin classes on September 4th .  You will continue to meet with your faculty adviser and UCA during the first week of classes to finalize your program for the first semester.  You should always feel free to consult with your faculty adviser and UCA regarding academic and other matters throughout your first year at Haverford.

MP900175597In order to start the process of communication, please take a moment to answer a short survey that will help your faculty adviser have a better idea about your plans while at Haverford.  You will need to take a look through the course guide and pick some courses you might want to pursue.   I hope you have fun completing the survey.  I know the faculty members look forward to getting to know their students through the summer communications.

We need to receive the survey by June 28, 2013  Your Faculty Adviser will have your response as soon as the assignment of advisers is completed. You can access the survey at: www.admin.haverford.edu/servlet/reality/hcadmin/introletter


Residential Life and First-Year Housing Options

The Office of Residential Life, led by Marianne (Smitty) Smith, Director of Residential Life, is responsible for assigning all first-year housing. In conjunction with two summer interns, Smitty assigns first-years to one of twenty-three customs groups in four locations using a thoughtful process that that emphasizes the make-up of Customs groups (groups of students matched with upperclassmen who will live together freshman year). To allow this to occur, please submit your Student Entry Record and Housing Questionnaire by June 19 if you have not already! While we understand there are numerous reasons students might want to request a specific residence hall, a greater value is placed on the people who will shape your community rather than the building in which you will be living.

All four housing options offer exciting features to their residents:

Barclay Hall offers a prime location in the center of campus activity. Students are placed mostly in doubles or singles arranged in two-person suites, but there are also a few singles that open right onto the corridor. Students love the wide halls, high ceilings, and large lounge located on the first floor, which includes a cable TV. There will be six customs groups in Barclay for the 2013-2014 school year.

Gummere Hall is also located centrally on campus. All rooms in Gummere are singles with most arranged in four-person suites, but there are also a few singles that open right onto the corridor. Gummere’s basement offers a social space with cable TV. There will be nine customs groups in Gummere for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Haverford College Apartments (HCA) are a five minute walk from the center of campus and offer freshmen the unique benefits of apartment living. Each apartment includes its own kitchen, equipped with a stove and refrigerator, although all first-year students are required to be on the meal plan. Each four-person apartment contains two doubles, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a common space, the most spacious setup available to freshmen. For the first time this year, the first floor apartments in each freshman building will be joined, allowing for easier interaction among residents. There will be four freshman apartment buildings, each representing a customs group, for the 2012-2013 school year. These four first-year buildings are nestled amongst 13 upper-class apartment buildings.


Tritton Hall is one of our two new residence halls.  This newest freshman dorm housed its first residents last year. All rooms in Tritton are singles and each floor is configured into two customs groups.  Each customs group will feature a kitchenette, common area, and laundry room. There is also a study room on each floor.  The outdoor courtyard provides a fantastic place for all students to relax. There will be four customs groups in Tritton for the 2013-2014 school year.


No matter which dorm you are placed in, the Customs program at Haverford will make sure you have a fantastic adjustment into college and enjoy your first year here!

For more information about life at Haverford, visit www.haverford.edu/reslife/first-year_students.php.