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The Office of Academic Resources (OAR) works with students in a variety of settings to propel them towards excellence in their academic pursuits through targeted goal-setting, skills identification and development, individualized coaching, and partnership with other resources on campus. The staff is committed to enhancing the academic experience of all students so that they are in a position to take full advantage of the many amazing opportunities available at Haverford and are poised to grow as confident and competent communicators, scholars, and community members.  

Students can expect a highly individualized and comprehensive approach to their academic success when visiting the OAR. The staff meets students where they are and recognize that every Haverford student defines success and personal growth differently.

70701_lg You can set up an individualized academic coaching session with an OAR staff member to help strengthen an array of personal skills and strategies associated with academic excellence, including:

  • time management approaches
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • focus and study techniques
  • semester planning
  • approaches for navigating the college classroom
  • goal setting/values identification
  • improving public speaking/presenting
  • preparing for graduate/professional school

peer-tutoring Peer tutoring is also available and strongly recommended for students seeking one-on-one instruction from fellow Haverford students.  This service is free and appointments can be made online.


Students are encouraged to take an active role in the ongoing development of the office by offering suggestions for workshops, discussion topics and speakers.    

The Class of 2017 will also be the first class to take full advantage of the suite of technology tools being infused into the OAR.  Students will be able to collaborate, learn, create and teach each other in creative new ways with the support of interactive touchscreen monitors, audio and web conferencing tools, collaborative working spaces, new software, and other tools.

Here’s what Haverford students are saying about the OAR:

 “The OAR has definitely helped me understand the components that go into being prepared for a reading-writing class other than the officially stated assignments. I am now able to take better notes on readings…and feel much more prepared for class and for writing assignments now.”

“I think the personalized attention is the most important aspect, one of the best parts about going to Haverford is that the workshop was not one-size fits all, but focused on personal attention.”

 “The OAR is staffed by very nice people who clearly understand what they are talking about, and are very helpful in providing specific and general study advice.”

What I appreciate so much about the OAR is that they recognize that academic performance is so closely tied to a variety of other factors in a student’s life. When I meet with the OAR, I’m not simply talking about my classes or my schedule, but also discussing life and the factors of being a student that can impede my ability to be academically efficient in the way that I want to be.”

 We are eager to enrich your transition to college.

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Campus Wide Resources for Excellence


The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) is a student-run networking and mentoring program dedicated to the goal of academic excellence. Student coordinators, in collaboration with faculty and deans, plan workshops designed to communicate the wisdom and experience of upperclassmen to new students. Open to all students in all disciplines, MSP sponsors workshops and panel discussions, and can help you find jobs on and off campus, internships, and make other useful contacts. Please come to the first meeting, Friday, September 6, at 5:30pm for pizza and to learn more about the opportunities available through MSP. You can contact the Faculty Director, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman ( for more information, or visit the website.



The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership is Haverford College’s leadership development program. In accordance with the mission of the College, the program will encourage students to utilize the diverse resources on-campus, in the surrounding communities, and around the world to build the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to become positive change agents in our increasingly global society.

The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, aims to provide the Haverford College community with opportunities to build skills and share experiences, knowledge, and resources in the arena of leadership development. More specifically, the Board administers the Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, plans and implements the curriculum, retreats, speakers, and workshops, advises enrolled participants, and is constantly working to expand the Institute and connect Haverford College community members to leadership development opportunities in the surrounding area and around the world.   Please explore the curriculum and exciting activities at:


WOMEN IN SCIENCE -an on-campus group that seeks to encourage involvement from women in the sciences at all interest levels — from students planning on majoring or minoring to non-majors.  In addition to acting as a supportive social space, Women in Science is involved in mentoring, providing advice on career and academic opportunities, and building connections with women in science in the Tri-Co.

Incoming women interested in the sciences can learn more about the group, sign up for a mentor, or join the group’s mailing list by e-mailing the co-heads  Ana Nourmahnad (, Maggie Perkoff (




Academic Advising Timeline

Many students have asked about registering for their fall schedule of courses.  The Academic Advising blog of June 14th gave you an overall introduction to the Advising Program at Haverford College.  Below is a Timeline of Advising activities for the fall semester.

advising-2aTime Line for Academic Advising

The following are recommended times for meetings to discuss your academic plans.   You can set up additional times to meet with your Faculty Advisor and UCA whenever you feel it would be helpful.

During Customs Week 2013

August 28  – September 2     Meet your Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and set up an appointment to discuss your academic plans.  Make sure to make plan for shopping week.

September 2 – Meet your faculty adviser individually to plan your course schedule

September 2 – All Haverford Academic departments, and some of the Bryn Mawr Departments, will be represented by faculty who are eager to share their resources with you and to answer your questions.

September 3 – Sept. 10      Shopping week: Explore some classes of interest – review syllabi.

Sept.10-11       Submit your final registration to your faculty adviser for approval

Remember that you are not registered for classes until your faculty adviser approves your registration.

imagesEarly November 2013

Meet with your UCA to discuss possible schedule for Spring semester

Make appointment to meet with your faculty adviser to discuss Spring courses

Submit schedule for faculty adviser approval by November 1

You will need your  faculty adviser to approve your pre- registration.




There are a number of important tasks that are required before you arrive on campus August 28: Complete the Technology Orientation, as explained in the “Getting started with Technology at Haverford” post. See    for details. Academic Integrity at … Continue reading

Pre-Law and Pre-Health Resources

From the Pre-Law desk: There is plenty you can do to prepare for the study of law, and a career in law, during your time at Haverford.  Law schools look for applicants who can write well (with grace and style); think cogently (and marshal the facts to support an argument); and who can handle extensive reading assignments successfully and in a timely manner. If you take courses that develop and demonstrate these abilities, you will be in good shape and law schools will be interested in you.
Haverford College does not have a pre-law curriculum. This means you do not need to pursue a particular course of study to prepare you for law school or to improve your odds of gaining admission.  Our overall academic strength has a very good reputation among law schools, and our alumni have found much success with just about any major here.  Any course of rigorous study — and any major including the social sciences, the hard sciences, languages and the classics — will prepare you well for the study of law.

Jennifer Barr,,  will work with you to support your interest in pre-law.  Become actively involved the the Pre-Law Society at Haverford  where you will have more opportunities to learn about law and have the opportunity to contribute to the Bi-College Law Journal.


Pre-law is housed in the Career Development Office.  Fill out your profile on OCEAN and select Law as one of your career interests.  This will allow you to receive targeted emails regarding programs that have a focus on law-related careers and interests.



The Pre-Health Office serves Haverford students and alumni who are interested in the health professions, including medicine, osteopathy, public health, dentistry, nursing, podiatry, physical therapy and more.

At Haverford College students can develop a particularly strong foundation for careers in these professions because of our academic excellence, opportunities for research and service, and humanistic Quaker values.  In addition, given our convenient location outside of the city of Philadelphia, our students take advantage of numerous opportunities to volunteer and work in hospitals, clinics, and research facilities in the area. Haverford alumni have distinguished themselves as physicians in all areas of medicine and dentistry, as leaders in public health, and in satisfying practices as nurse practitioners, nutritionists, genetic counselors, physical therapists, and more.

Michele Taylor,, provides guidance and support to our students as they plan their pre health curriculum and extra curricular activities. We help them think through their schedules to fulfill admissions’ prerequisites for medical schools and other programs in the health sciences; plan for summer and extracurricular activities; and strategize for when and how they will apply to medical or other health professions schools.  For a more in depth view at this resource please consult the Pre-Health Advising web site at:


Proficiency in a language other than one’s own, ancient or modern, serves many ends. It deepens an appreciation of one’s own language, increases sensitivity and understanding of the nature of language itself, and enables the student to gain a far more intimate understanding of different cultures than is possible through translations.  Further, with regard to specific disciplinary ends, many graduate programs require a reading knowledge of at least two languages other than English.

For all these reasons, Haverford College requires all of its students to complete two semesters of college-level study of a language other than English by the end of their junior year. Beginning with the Class of 2016 this requirement may be satisfied in one of the following three ways:

(a) One full year of language study in one language at the level in which the student is placed by the appropriate Haverford College language department; or

(b) Language study in a course conducted under Haverford College’s approved International Study Abroad Programs, and as certified in advance by the relevant language department chair at either Haverford or Bryn Mawr, or by the Educational Policy Committee when the language has no counter department at either Haverford or Bryn Mawr; or

Language courses may be taken at Haverford or at any of the cooperating colleges: Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, and with advisor and registrar permission, the University of Pennsylvania. The Haverford department, however, must determine placement. Other restrictions which apply to the language requirement are as follows:

Courses taken to fulfill the language requirement do not meet divisional distribution requirements and may not be taken NNG (non-graded option) at Haverford, CR/NCR at Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore, or P/F at the University of Pennsylvania


Italia Majors Tea


Please keep in mind that in order to help us place you at the level which is best suited to your preparation and potential, you are expected to give your best effort while taking the exam, under the principles of the Haverford Honor Code.

Students who have never taken these languages do not need to take the placement test.

Chinese Placement Exam: There are two parts to this exam.  One part needs to be completed online by August 10, 2013. The second part will be completed on Thursday, August 29th, the day after you arrive on campus.  Please read the instructions at:  You will find the placement instructions at the bottom of the page. 

Spanish Placement Exam – will be available online from Sunday, August 12th until Sunday, August 26th at midnight through Moodle at Spanish Placement Test Fall 2013 .

Students who are planning or just considering enrollment in a Spanish course at Haverford or Bryn Mawr College at any point in the future must take the Placement Test.     The online Spanish Placement Test must be taken before arriving on campus, even if students are not planning on taking Spanish during the first year.

Students who have never taken Spanish do not need to take the placement test.   There will be an Elementary Spanish section reserved for absolute beginners.

French Placement Exam -  Available at:  French Placement Exam (2013)  (the password is: paris-dakar).

German Placement Exam – The German Placement Test  will be available at:  from Thursday, July 11, 2013 at NOON until Tuesday, August  27 at NOON.

Japanese Placement exam – Will be available at:on campus on Thursday, August 29th at 8:30 AM. Consult your Customs Week Schedule for the exact time and place.

Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin and Russian – There are no formal placement exams for these languages.  Students will be able to speak with faculty representing these departments at the Academic Fair taking place on Monday, September 3rd. or by arranging an appointment to meet with the faculty teaching the introductory class during the shopping period, Sept.4-7.  Students who have never taken these languages do not need to take the placement test.

Welcome from Instructional and Informational Technology Services

We here in IITS know you have lots on your mind as you prepare to join us in the fall.  Among the many things you need to take care of before you arrive is making sure your computer is ready for four years of the most amazing academic experience you’ll ever have!
We’ve prepared a website - – that outlines what you need to do before you come to campus.  It touches on:
  • How to stay connected to IITS so we can help you when you need it
  • If you’re looking for a computer, some baseline specifications that we suggest for a solid four-year ready computer
  • Details on making sure you don’t bring music and software piracy to campus.  If you have file sharing software on your computer (BitTorrent, etc.) make sure it’s gone before you attach your computer to our network.
  • Software suggestions.
  • A link to the technology orientation in Moodle, which you need to complete by August 22.
Check out the site and if you have questions remember you can always reach out by email – – and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have.
Have fun this summer, stay safe and stay cool!
Steve Fabiani
Director, Client Services
Haverford IITS

Placement exams

When choosing your courses for the first semester, you will probably need information about the level at which you should enter a particular field of study. This process is known as “Placement.” In areas where you are particularly well prepared, you may be placed into intermediate rather than beginning level courses. Where no placement exam is given, an interview with the department chair can determine your status.

Most of the placement exams and surveys are available on line this summer and should be completed by August 9.   I encourage you to complete them before you arrive on campus so  your adviser has the placement results when you meet and you can take advantage of all that Customs Week offers and.    Some language placement exams are only available when you arrive at Haverford during Customs Week.  If you are not able to complete the online tests, please contact your Dean, Raisa Williams ( or 610-896-1293.

One other thing to keep in mind about placement exams and their results is that credit and placement are separate issues at the College.  High scores on AP exams will carry credit but will not automatically assure advanced standing in a particular subject.  Such placement depends upon judgments made by the departments concerned after testing or interviews.  Advanced placement on exams administered during Customs Week or on line does not carry credit.  In other words, although students may receive both credit and advanced placement in a given subject, it is perfectly common to receive one without the other.  The two processes are independent of each other.

Please remember that in order to help us place you at the level which is best suited to your preparation and potential, you are expected to give your best effort while taking the exam, under the principles of the Haverford Honor Code.

Information on Language Placement Exams will be coming soon via a blog next week.

Other placement exams available:




Economics: UPDATE: Econ submission instructions. Please print out the exam, complete it and either: scan it back into the computer and send by email to; or mail to Anne Preston, Department of Economics, Haverford College, 370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford PA 19041

Writing Seminar Information

WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!   The Writing Program placement on our website (  is now active at the link “Placement in Seminars”.  You’ll find there the list of seminars from which you will be choosing, as well as instructions for the essay that you’re being asked to write.  Preferences and your own essay are due by  Aug. 2, 2013. Following the links in turn should take you through the placement process with relatively little difficulty.  Any questions?  Let me know– All best, Debora Sherman, Director of College Writing (

Getting started with Technology at Haverford

Instructor with Students in Computer Lab
Technology will play a large role in your Haverford education. You will be hearing more about this in a future post. However, you will find a lot of information about technology at Haverford in a quick “Technology Orientation” posted on Moodle.  Moodle is the system your professors will use to post course materials, as well as the system used by some departments to share information.The Technology Orientation includes a short quiz.
You will need to complete this by the end of non-academic registration on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.
Get started now!
Go to and log on with your email username (just the beginning, NOT the @haverford part) and your email password.

BONUS: If you complete the assignment before 8:00 AM (EST) Tuesday, August 27 you will be entered into a drawing for assorted prizes.