As you get ready for your arrival, there are some things that need your attention

Every student in the Class of 2017 MUST complete:

1.  The Academic Integrity Tutorial
at    under:  Academic Integrity Tutorial (Class of 2017 and Transfer Students)

This is not an optional Tutorial. The information contained will be followed up with additional information when you arrive, so we need each one of you to complete it before you arrive on campus August 28.  (We can actually tell who has not completed the tutorial!)

2.“Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault” online course at:

To access the course:
  •  First-time users should select the link to create a new account on the right side of the screen.
                Use Haverford’s institution registration code: 0491-S101-XY12
                Please create a username and password
  •  Use the username and password when you log in using the link provided in Step 1.
  •  Begin the course.
  •  Once finished with all the Modules, please select the “certificate” link.
You will not be recognized as having completed the course until you click on the “certificate” link.

If you need to stop, you can log back in, and the course will resume where you left off.

We are so excited to meet you in less than 1 week!


Student’s View: Haver-essentials

Here is a blog you don’t want to miss…..

Exhaustive packing lists are easily accessible online or at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but instead of giving you one of those, we thought it would be more helpful to highlight a few items that are more unique to Haverford.

Things to bring:

1) Fan – With the exception of medically cleared students, air conditioning is not provided in the dorms, and the rooms can get slightly uncomfortable during the first few weeks of school.  A simple fan goes a long way toward keeping the rooms cool. If applicable, coordinate with roommates on this one!

2) Dorm Olympics colors – Dorm Olympics is one of the highlights of customs week as Barclay, Gummere and South campus (HCA and Tritton) battle it out for dorm pride. Be sure to have at the very least a shirt (that can get wet/dirty) in the color of your dorm. Barclay is blue, Gummere is green, and HCA and Tritton are red. Other articles of clothing, face paint and other props are also encouraged (although your customs teams will have plenty of paint for you regardless).

3) Quarters – While it is possible to put money on your Onecard to operate laundry machines, most students prefer to use quarters. There is a machine to get the quarters in the campus center, but it can be nice to arrive with a stash to get you through the first few loads.


4) Snow gear – Haverford is in the northeast, and it gets cold/snowy at points in first semester. This should not be much of an issue before fall break, but if you are not heading home for fall break, you may want to bring winter clothes, boots etc. to ensure you’re well-prepared if bad weather occurs.

Further questions about what to bring should be directed toward your customs team. As you have already seen, they are incredibly eager to help and they have all lived through freshman year so take advantage of their knowledge!

We’ll see all of you in less than two weeks!

Academic Advising Timeline

Many students have asked about registering for their fall schedule of courses.  The Academic Advising blog of June 14th gave you an overall introduction to the Advising Program at Haverford College.  Below is a Timeline of Advising activities for the fall semester.

advising-2aTime Line for Academic Advising

The following are recommended times for meetings to discuss your academic plans.   You can set up additional times to meet with your Faculty Advisor and UCA whenever you feel it would be helpful.

During Customs Week 2013

August 28  – September 2     Meet your Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and set up an appointment to discuss your academic plans.  Make sure to make plan for shopping week.

September 2 – Meet your faculty adviser individually to plan your course schedule

September 2 – All Haverford Academic departments, and some of the Bryn Mawr Departments, will be represented by faculty who are eager to share their resources with you and to answer your questions.

September 3 – Sept. 10      Shopping week: Explore some classes of interest – review syllabi.

Sept.10-11       Submit your final registration to your faculty adviser for approval

Remember that you are not registered for classes until your faculty adviser approves your registration.

imagesEarly November 2013

Meet with your UCA to discuss possible schedule for Spring semester

Make appointment to meet with your faculty adviser to discuss Spring courses

Submit schedule for faculty adviser approval by November 1

You will need your  faculty adviser to approve your pre- registration.




There are a number of important tasks that are required before you arrive on campus August 28: Complete the Technology Orientation, as explained in the “Getting started with Technology at Haverford” post. See    for details. Academic Integrity at … Continue reading

First-Year Student Meet-Ups

Just as a reminder, the Alumni Relations Office has worked hard to put together meet-ups next month so that you can get to know some of your fellow classmates before arriving. If you can make any of these, be sure to come!

You should have received an invitation via email or snail mail if you live in one of these areas. If you have not but would like to attend, please feel free to email Hope you’ll be able to make it and have a great day!

The schedule is as follows:

Sat., 8/10 - Philly (on campus) - 12-2:00pm, Barclay Beach
Sun., 8/11 - NYC-Suburbs (Scarsdale) - 2-4:00pm
Wed., 7/31 – NYC – 6-8:00pm

Welcome from Instructional and Informational Technology Services

We here in IITS know you have lots on your mind as you prepare to join us in the fall.  Among the many things you need to take care of before you arrive is making sure your computer is ready for four years of the most amazing academic experience you’ll ever have!
We’ve prepared a website - – that outlines what you need to do before you come to campus.  It touches on:
  • How to stay connected to IITS so we can help you when you need it
  • If you’re looking for a computer, some baseline specifications that we suggest for a solid four-year ready computer
  • Details on making sure you don’t bring music and software piracy to campus.  If you have file sharing software on your computer (BitTorrent, etc.) make sure it’s gone before you attach your computer to our network.
  • Software suggestions.
  • A link to the technology orientation in Moodle, which you need to complete by August 22.
Check out the site and if you have questions remember you can always reach out by email – – and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have.
Have fun this summer, stay safe and stay cool!
Steve Fabiani
Director, Client Services
Haverford IITS

Writing Seminar Information

WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!   The Writing Program placement on our website (  is now active at the link “Placement in Seminars”.  You’ll find there the list of seminars from which you will be choosing, as well as instructions for the essay that you’re being asked to write.  Preferences and your own essay are due by  Aug. 2, 2013. Following the links in turn should take you through the placement process with relatively little difficulty.  Any questions?  Let me know– All best, Debora Sherman, Director of College Writing (

Getting started with Technology at Haverford

Instructor with Students in Computer Lab
Technology will play a large role in your Haverford education. You will be hearing more about this in a future post. However, you will find a lot of information about technology at Haverford in a quick “Technology Orientation” posted on Moodle.  Moodle is the system your professors will use to post course materials, as well as the system used by some departments to share information.The Technology Orientation includes a short quiz.
You will need to complete this by the end of non-academic registration on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.
Get started now!
Go to and log on with your email username (just the beginning, NOT the @haverford part) and your email password.

BONUS: If you complete the assignment before 8:00 AM (EST) Tuesday, August 27 you will be entered into a drawing for assorted prizes.


Welcome to the Haverford community Class of 2017!morris

In order to assure you have a smooth and healthy transition to your new community, there are a number of things you must complete this summer:

End of June: 

Sickle Cell Requirements (New for 2013): Visit:   Contact Greg Rosnick at 610-795-6129 if you have any questions.

 July 21

(a) Physical Examination (PE) Form, including record of current immunizations.  You can download a copy of the PE Form from our

Please send the PE Form, completed by a health care provider (not a parent), to Health Services via fax (610-896-1090) or mail, or scan and email the form to both the administrative assistant and director.

(b) Confidential Health Record

You can access the First-Year Students web page via our main web page:  *Be sure to click “Submit” when done and look for the confirmation message.

A late fee of $75 will be charged for failure to submit fully completed health forms by July 21, 2013.

Due by August 1

All Haverford students are required to have proof of health insurance. Waive or enroll in health insurance only on line. To waive or enroll or to see a full list of accepted insurance plans, go to our website

A late fee of $35 will be charged for failure to complete the on line registration by August 1, 2013.

It is recommended that you enroll in the college insurance program if your current health insurance does not work within a 10-mile radius of the Philadelphia area (plans such as HMOs, Foreign/international, PPOs that pay out of network only). Students can submit bills directly to their insurance plan or pay by check or cash. Students are responsible for all incurred medical expenses. Students should bring their insurance card, or copy of their card, with them during their initial visits to the Health Center to be scanned into our system.

New this year, if your insurance changes after you have completed the waiver process or it changes outside of the open registration period, which is from now until the August 1st deadline, there is an up-date feature that will be available after August 1st, 2013. This feature will then be available to students who have completed their waiver process to access anytime their insurance might change until the next open registration period. This feature does not replace the registration/waiver process and is only for up-dating insurance information due to a subsequent change.

August 1  (International Students)

Note that, from time to time, overseas health insurance has proven not to work in favor of students. Since the United States does not offer public health services for non-citizens, hospital costs can be alarming. Because Haverford requires its students to have adequate private health insurance, we highly suggest you purchase the college plan available at

Students must meet the Health Services requirement before arriving on campus for the International Students Orientation (ISO).

Due before or upon arrival on campus

If you will be younger than 18 years of age at time of arrival, your parent/guardian must complete the Consent to Treat a Minor Form and send it to Health Services. Please download the form from our website:

August 28 (Opening Day)

While the Health Clinic is closed between the end of spring semester, we will review voicemail and email and follow through as needed on a weekly basis. Please do not call other departments on campus with Health Services related issues. Thank you!

Mailing address:               Haverford College Health Services

370 Lancaster Avenue

Haverford, PA 19041-1392

U.S.A. (Only add if being mailed from outside the U.S.)

Fax:                                        610-896-1090

Phone:                                   610-896-1089


Email:       Please email both Dotty Gardler, Administrative Assistant, and Catherine Sharbaugh, Director, at and




Some important deadlines are approaching……    Clock-Ticking-2163517

  • Application to participate in the TRICO Institute is due June 14
  • Student Entry Form and Housing application are due June 19
  • Adviser questionnaire is due June 28.



Please make sure to submit the forms by the deadline.  If you are unable to meet the deadlines,  please do let us know.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email Karl or Nate, your  Dean’s Office Interns at: