As you get ready for your arrival, there are some things that need your attention

Every student in the Class of 2017 MUST complete:

1.  The Academic Integrity Tutorial
at    under:  Academic Integrity Tutorial (Class of 2017 and Transfer Students)

This is not an optional Tutorial. The information contained will be followed up with additional information when you arrive, so we need each one of you to complete it before you arrive on campus August 28.  (We can actually tell who has not completed the tutorial!)

2.“Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault” online course at:

To access the course:
  •  First-time users should select the link to create a new account on the right side of the screen.
                Use Haverford’s institution registration code: 0491-S101-XY12
                Please create a username and password
  •  Use the username and password when you log in using the link provided in Step 1.
  •  Begin the course.
  •  Once finished with all the Modules, please select the “certificate” link.
You will not be recognized as having completed the course until you click on the “certificate” link.

If you need to stop, you can log back in, and the course will resume where you left off.

We are so excited to meet you in less than 1 week!


Student Resources You Need to Know

WOMEN’S CENTER (610) 896-1292

Located on the second floor of the Whitehead Campus Center, the Women’s Center serves as an informal meeting place for students, faculty, administration, and staff.
The Center offers special programs, educational, cultural, and gender related events to help alleviate the gender myths and assumptions people make about each other. The Women’s Center library has books, articles, and other
information for, by, and about women.
Through the events sponsored by the Women’s Center, a wide range of topics including sexuality, gender, spirituality, education, ethnicity and race are addressed in a fun and supportive way.
The Women’s Center encourages the entire bi-college community to drop by but especially encourages student and faculty groups to utilize the space for meetings, gatherings and other functions – all are welcome.
The Women’s Center is staffed by student assistants (SAs). The  staff this year are:,
 Gavriella Fried ’14,Farida Essa ’14. Hannah Klein ’15, Abi Moeller ’15 Caleb Worblewski ’15.   Interns are Maddy Durante ’16, Hannah Figa ’16, Marie-Annett Bernard ’15 and Marilou Allen, Director.
Most of the staff are trained Sexual Assault Student Assistants (SASAs), available to help members of the community needing their support.
Their beeper number is 484-571-2775 (24 hours daily).




You’ve got a friend in Philadelphia! Six, actually! Haverford House, a program of the Center for Peace Global Citizenship, sponsors six recent Haverford grads to serve as ambassadors to Philadelphia for the Haverford community. Learn more about what Learn more about what they’re up to and see how you can get involved at…





Office of Academic Resources

Stokes Hall 118

Individualized Academic Coaching Sessions

Academic Enrichment Workshops, Seminars, and Group Discussions

 Academic Review Centers  Peer Tutoring  Educational Technology Tools

The Office of Academic Resources (OAR) works with students in a variety of settings to propel them towards excellence in their academic pursuits through targeted goal-setting, skills identification and development, individualized coaching, and partnership with other resources on campus. The staff is committed to enhancing the academic experience of all students so that they are in a position to take full advantage of the many amazing opportunities available at Haverford and are poised to grow as confident and competent communicators, scholars, and community members.  

Students can expect a highly individualized and comprehensive approach to their academic success when visiting the OAR. The staff meets students where they are and recognize that every Haverford student defines success and personal growth differently.

70701_lg You can set up an individualized academic coaching session with an OAR staff member to help strengthen an array of personal skills and strategies associated with academic excellence, including:

  • time management approaches
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • focus and study techniques
  • semester planning
  • approaches for navigating the college classroom
  • goal setting/values identification
  • improving public speaking/presenting
  • preparing for graduate/professional school

peer-tutoring Peer tutoring is also available and strongly recommended for students seeking one-on-one instruction from fellow Haverford students.  This service is free and appointments can be made online.


Students are encouraged to take an active role in the ongoing development of the office by offering suggestions for workshops, discussion topics and speakers.    

The Class of 2017 will also be the first class to take full advantage of the suite of technology tools being infused into the OAR.  Students will be able to collaborate, learn, create and teach each other in creative new ways with the support of interactive touchscreen monitors, audio and web conferencing tools, collaborative working spaces, new software, and other tools.

Here’s what Haverford students are saying about the OAR:

 “The OAR has definitely helped me understand the components that go into being prepared for a reading-writing class other than the officially stated assignments. I am now able to take better notes on readings…and feel much more prepared for class and for writing assignments now.”

“I think the personalized attention is the most important aspect, one of the best parts about going to Haverford is that the workshop was not one-size fits all, but focused on personal attention.”

 “The OAR is staffed by very nice people who clearly understand what they are talking about, and are very helpful in providing specific and general study advice.”

What I appreciate so much about the OAR is that they recognize that academic performance is so closely tied to a variety of other factors in a student’s life. When I meet with the OAR, I’m not simply talking about my classes or my schedule, but also discussing life and the factors of being a student that can impede my ability to be academically efficient in the way that I want to be.”

 We are eager to enrich your transition to college.

Visit us on our website at:

‘Like us on Facebook!

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Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, OARtv!


Student’s View: Haver-essentials

Here is a blog you don’t want to miss…..

Exhaustive packing lists are easily accessible online or at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but instead of giving you one of those, we thought it would be more helpful to highlight a few items that are more unique to Haverford.

Things to bring:

1) Fan – With the exception of medically cleared students, air conditioning is not provided in the dorms, and the rooms can get slightly uncomfortable during the first few weeks of school.  A simple fan goes a long way toward keeping the rooms cool. If applicable, coordinate with roommates on this one!

2) Dorm Olympics colors – Dorm Olympics is one of the highlights of customs week as Barclay, Gummere and South campus (HCA and Tritton) battle it out for dorm pride. Be sure to have at the very least a shirt (that can get wet/dirty) in the color of your dorm. Barclay is blue, Gummere is green, and HCA and Tritton are red. Other articles of clothing, face paint and other props are also encouraged (although your customs teams will have plenty of paint for you regardless).

3) Quarters – While it is possible to put money on your Onecard to operate laundry machines, most students prefer to use quarters. There is a machine to get the quarters in the campus center, but it can be nice to arrive with a stash to get you through the first few loads.


4) Snow gear – Haverford is in the northeast, and it gets cold/snowy at points in first semester. This should not be much of an issue before fall break, but if you are not heading home for fall break, you may want to bring winter clothes, boots etc. to ensure you’re well-prepared if bad weather occurs.

Further questions about what to bring should be directed toward your customs team. As you have already seen, they are incredibly eager to help and they have all lived through freshman year so take advantage of their knowledge!

We’ll see all of you in less than two weeks!

Get Social!


We are so excited to welcome you, the newest additions to the Haverford community, when you arrive on campus for Customs in two weeks. But in the hopes that you feel like a Ford before you ever even move into your dorm room, we wanted to invite you to join our virtual communities, if you haven’t already.

While you are probably already a member of the Class of 2017 Facebook group, don’t forget to visit the College’s own official page at, and “like” us to receive our updates right in your feed.  Our Facebook page is full of campus news, information, and photo galleries that can help you learn the lay of the land before your arrival. It’s also a great place to ask questions that can be answered in a timely manner by members of the College’s administration.

You can also follow Haverford on Twitter (@haverfordedu) for information about on-campus events and news, and to get practical alerts about life on campus (such as wireless service outages or campus construction warnings) sent right to your mobile device. Twitter is also a great way to connect with other incoming first-years and current students. Want to be on our ever-expanding list of current and former Ford followers? Tweet at us with the hashtag #haverfordfirstyear, and we’ll add you.

And speaking of mobile devices: bookmark the TODAY section of our homepage for easy access to information you will need on the go. Our TODAY page offers important information like what’s for lunch (or any other meal) at the Dining Center, local weather, and Bi-Co and Tri-Co transportation schedules that will help those of you who will take classes at Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore.

If Instagram is your preferred social media site, then you’re in luck! The College just launched its Instagram this summer and we are hoping you’ll help us fill it with pictures of your life here, including shots of College traditions and your favorite spots on campus. Just follow “haverfordedu” and be sure to tag your Haverford-related shots with the hashtag #HaverfordCollege.

We’re always looking for tips on what you’d like to see on social media (or what you’d like to see less of), so please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Rebecca Raber ( in our Communications Office. If you’d like to take a more active role in helping to drive or create this content, Rebecca is looking for volunteers for a Social Media Student Advisory Group. More details will follow in the fall, but please reach out to her if you’re interested in being a part of this new venture.

In the meantime, good luck with packing and safe travels! We’re looking forward to seeing you here on campus soon and online even sooner!

Things you need to know about working at Haverford


In order to comply with the Immigration Reform Act we need to obtain certain information when hiring all employees, including students. In order for Haverford to assure that it complies with the regulations your help will be needed if you have a work grant or other job at Haverford.

In addition to providing a Social Security number and filling out the W-4 form, all newly hired employees will need to complete an I-9 form and present documentation as to your citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States.  If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, you will have to fill out a Local Earned Income Tax Residency form.  To facilitate this process we will have someone at non-academic registration to review the documentation and fill in the required forms. The required documentation consists of proof of identity and proof of employment eligibility.  The following single documents are among those that satisfy both requirements:

US Passport
Certificate of United States Citizenship
Certificate of Naturalization
Unexpired foreign passport with attached employment authorization
Alien Registration Card

The requirements can also be met with a combination of one identification and one employment eligibility as follows:

Identity Employment Eligibility

Drivers license with picture                        Original Social Security Card
or other state issued ID card
School ID with photograph                        Birth Certificate

US Military Card                                           Unexpired INS Employment Authorization

For most of you, the easiest combination will be driver’s license and Social Security Card but you may use any approved documentation.

It is recommended that students sign up for Direct Deposit.  To do this all we would need is a voided blank check and proper paperwork filled out.

If you need assistance contact Nancy Sunderland ( in Student Payroll.


You can find job listings in the Career Development Office Board.  Below are some current openings:


Are you interested in building your resume?  Want to work in an exciting environment where you can see your fellow Haverfordians?   Need Cash???

Haverford Dining Services is here to help! Offering jobs in the following locations fall 2012:

The Dining Center

Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Dining Center offers food services to the whole campus—students, faculty members and college guests in an open and flexible work-environment. Offering a wide variety of jobs and hours, the Dining Center is a great option for those interested in advancement opportunities in an environment that fosters teamwork and professionalism.      Email for more information or stop by our table at Non-Academic Registration when you arrive on campus!

The COOP is Hiring

Located on the second floor of the Whitehead Campus Center, the COOP is a café-restaurant, open 6-days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The COOP is an exciting work place in a predominantly student-run operation, with opportunities for advancement in a fun, learning environment.    Email for more information or stop by our table at Non-Academic Registration when you arrive on campus!


Campus Wide Resources for Excellence


The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) is a student-run networking and mentoring program dedicated to the goal of academic excellence. Student coordinators, in collaboration with faculty and deans, plan workshops designed to communicate the wisdom and experience of upperclassmen to new students. Open to all students in all disciplines, MSP sponsors workshops and panel discussions, and can help you find jobs on and off campus, internships, and make other useful contacts. Please come to the first meeting, Friday, September 6, at 5:30pm for pizza and to learn more about the opportunities available through MSP. You can contact the Faculty Director, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman ( for more information, or visit the website.



The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership is Haverford College’s leadership development program. In accordance with the mission of the College, the program will encourage students to utilize the diverse resources on-campus, in the surrounding communities, and around the world to build the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to become positive change agents in our increasingly global society.

The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, aims to provide the Haverford College community with opportunities to build skills and share experiences, knowledge, and resources in the arena of leadership development. More specifically, the Board administers the Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, plans and implements the curriculum, retreats, speakers, and workshops, advises enrolled participants, and is constantly working to expand the Institute and connect Haverford College community members to leadership development opportunities in the surrounding area and around the world.   Please explore the curriculum and exciting activities at:


WOMEN IN SCIENCE -an on-campus group that seeks to encourage involvement from women in the sciences at all interest levels — from students planning on majoring or minoring to non-majors.  In addition to acting as a supportive social space, Women in Science is involved in mentoring, providing advice on career and academic opportunities, and building connections with women in science in the Tri-Co.

Incoming women interested in the sciences can learn more about the group, sign up for a mentor, or join the group’s mailing list by e-mailing the co-heads  Ana Nourmahnad (, Maggie Perkoff (




10 Things You Should Know about Your Libraries

Students use the libraries’ services and resources for many different purposes.  For a brief introduction, see photos and details on this website: If you answer the 9 questions at the end before August 28, you will be entered into a drawing for gift cards from the Wawa, the store where everyone gets their snacks

Check out the links for student theses, research guides, rare books, DVDs, the Global Terrorism Research Project, and more.  Watch for an email this month from your personal librarian who will be your first point of contact for all library and research needs.

library blog

Students, faculty, and librarians giving lightning talks about their digital projects

8th Dimension – Community Service at Haverford

8th Dimension, Haverford’s Office of Community Service, would like to extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2017. I hope you are all excited to start your time at Haverford. You all bring thousands of hours of community service experience with you to college, and we cannot wait for you to continue your passionate work while here at Haverford.


550004_461316380608102_1834701784_nCommunity service is an incredible way to discover the Philadelphia area, do concrete work that improves lives, learn things that cannot be taught in a classroom, and meet all kinds of new people. You are definitely going to volunteer at least once on campus while you’re here–our first-year service days are coming up!–but our hope is that you will be able to volunteer as often as you want, and our job is to help you figure out how.

There are many, many ways to get involved while you’re on campus.


First-Year Service Days are one of 8th Dimension’s oldest traditions, in which all first-year students participate. You will have the opportunity to spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday in September working alongside your peers to help a local organization in need. We take care of everything from transportation to lunch! You just have to show up ready to help. This event is a great way to get to know other first-years, learn about an awesome volunteer organization, and enjoy a day of being off-campus as a break from the craziness

of your first month of college. We try to have one-time service days early and often at 8D. Service Days cover a wide variety of activities and interests. In the past, they have included environmental clean-ups, housing and school improvement projects, Philadelphia AIDS walk, urban farming, playing with kids at a local community center.


8th Dimension also facilitates ongoing student-run projects (SRPs) that are run by your

fellow Haverford students. SRPs are great opportunities for students to make a weekly commitment to volunteering with a group of your fellow students. SRPs also cover a wide range of opportunities, including tutoring, hospital work, income tax assistance and more. These are super easy to get involved in, and we encourage freshmen to do so!


If you have a specific interest that isn’t covered by our SRPs, we’ll work with you to find an individual placement.


We have an enormous number of agencies with which we can help you get involved, and if you aren’t sure how you want to get involved, we have an entire staff of students who want to talk to you about different opportunities.

No matter what kind of service you’re getting involved in, we will reimburse your travel costs, which makes the opportunities nearly limitless.

To see more examples of our service projects and find out how you can get involved… 

Visit our website!

Email us!

We hope you are excited to get involved while at Haverford as we are to help you get involved. Contact us to talk about your community service interests, and like our Facebook page! We will see you at the student activities fair, our fall info session, and your First-Year Service Days! Can’t wait!

Academic Advising Timeline

Many students have asked about registering for their fall schedule of courses.  The Academic Advising blog of June 14th gave you an overall introduction to the Advising Program at Haverford College.  Below is a Timeline of Advising activities for the fall semester.

advising-2aTime Line for Academic Advising

The following are recommended times for meetings to discuss your academic plans.   You can set up additional times to meet with your Faculty Advisor and UCA whenever you feel it would be helpful.

During Customs Week 2013

August 28  – September 2     Meet your Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and set up an appointment to discuss your academic plans.  Make sure to make plan for shopping week.

September 2 – Meet your faculty adviser individually to plan your course schedule

September 2 – All Haverford Academic departments, and some of the Bryn Mawr Departments, will be represented by faculty who are eager to share their resources with you and to answer your questions.

September 3 – Sept. 10      Shopping week: Explore some classes of interest – review syllabi.

Sept.10-11       Submit your final registration to your faculty adviser for approval

Remember that you are not registered for classes until your faculty adviser approves your registration.

imagesEarly November 2013

Meet with your UCA to discuss possible schedule for Spring semester

Make appointment to meet with your faculty adviser to discuss Spring courses

Submit schedule for faculty adviser approval by November 1

You will need your  faculty adviser to approve your pre- registration.