Student Activities: Part 2

Hi everybody! We hope you all are enjoying the last few days of June. As a quick aside, we’ve received many questions regarding student ID numbers. Here is a link where you will be able to find your number: Carrying on from our Monday post on student activities, we would like to discuss student government and leadership at Haverford. In addition to the leadership involvement opportunities that are available in the student organizations discussed on the last post, Haverford has a strong tradition of student self-governance. Students’ Council, Honor Council, and JSAAPP constitute student government.  Co-presidents, co-vice presidents, co-secretaries, co-treasurers, one representative from each class year, and officers of academics, multicultural affairs, athletics, campus life, and arts comprise Students’ Council. Their collective responsibilities include but are not limited to communicating the position of students to faculty and administration, appointing student leadership positions, organizing plenary, and allocating funding to student organizations. For more information about student council, take a look at

Honor Council is the branch of self-governance that is responsible for matters related to the Honor Code. Honor Council is comprised of sixteen members, four from each year. Of these sixteen members, two are co-chairs and two are co-secretaries. Honor Council works on community outreach activities such as abstract discussions, overseeing Honor Code ratification, and organizing discussions with faculty, as well as administering all suspected Honor Code violation proceedings. For more information, please look at

JSAAPP stands for Joint Student-Administration Alcohol Panel, and is responsible for presiding over the alcohol policy, which is ratified annually by the student body at plenary. Keeping in line with the trust, concern, respect the Honor Code advocates for, students at Haverford are given a lot of responsibility and autonomy. JSAAPP, along with the rest of student self-governance is a strong example of this. In addition to the three branches of student government, students serve on almost every committee of the college, including planning committees, faculty search committees, or the Committee on Student Standing and Programs.  Stay posted for more about student life next week and we hope you are as excited to arrive as we are to have you here!


Student Activities: Part 1

Hello Class of 2017! We hope you are all getting excited to be here in just over two months! We’ve spent the last week here overrun by golfers and people who look like golfers (why do the spectators dress like they’re playing? Maybe NFL fans should do the same), but now things are getting back to normal and we’re sorting through housing forms! Quick reminder, if you haven’t submitted your questionnaire yet please do so by June 19th. In an effort to give you an insider’s view on life at Haverford from a student’s perspective, we would like to share a little bit about student activities at Haverford. One of the most distinctive elements of Haverford is the trust and responsibility the college places in the hands of students, and as a result student activities endeavors are taken seriously.

The college has around 145 operating student clubs of various sizes and goals, a tribute to the powerful involvement of students in dictating the direction of life on campus. These clubs include academic organizations, affinity groups, special interest groups, athletic clubs, student government, media groups, performing and visual arts groups, spiritual clubs, and community service and advocacy groups (more information and a complete list can be found at In addition to supporting its club members, many student organizations run campus-wide events that bring the community together. For example, ‘Fords Against Boredom (FAB) will support free, non-alcoholic events nearly every weekend on campus and in Philadelphia. Some examples of past FAB events include Ben and Jerry’s Bingo, Dating Game, FAB Quizzo, Casino Night, Phillies games, and musical performances. All clubs are completely student-run and are funded by Students’ Council at the beginning of each semester.

Haverford would like to support as many student interests as possible, so if there is a club you would like to see that does not yet exist, you are welcome to start one. Starting your own student organization is as easy as meeting with the Coordinator of Student Activities and if necessary applying for funds through Students’ Council. You can begin the process of starting your own student club as early as first semester of freshman year. Leadership workshops and room to get involved in student government are also plentiful—be sure to check in next week to learn more about that. In the mean time, have a great week!

Residential Life and First-Year Housing Options

The Office of Residential Life, led by Marianne (Smitty) Smith, Director of Residential Life, is responsible for assigning all first-year housing. In conjunction with two summer interns, Smitty assigns first-years to one of twenty-three customs groups in four locations using a thoughtful process that that emphasizes the make-up of Customs groups (groups of students matched with upperclassmen who will live together freshman year). To allow this to occur, please submit your Student Entry Record and Housing Questionnaire by June 19 if you have not already! While we understand there are numerous reasons students might want to request a specific residence hall, a greater value is placed on the people who will shape your community rather than the building in which you will be living.

All four housing options offer exciting features to their residents:

Barclay Hall offers a prime location in the center of campus activity. Students are placed mostly in doubles or singles arranged in two-person suites, but there are also a few singles that open right onto the corridor. Students love the wide halls, high ceilings, and large lounge located on the first floor, which includes a cable TV. There will be six customs groups in Barclay for the 2013-2014 school year.

Gummere Hall is also located centrally on campus. All rooms in Gummere are singles with most arranged in four-person suites, but there are also a few singles that open right onto the corridor. Gummere’s basement offers a social space with cable TV. There will be nine customs groups in Gummere for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Haverford College Apartments (HCA) are a five minute walk from the center of campus and offer freshmen the unique benefits of apartment living. Each apartment includes its own kitchen, equipped with a stove and refrigerator, although all first-year students are required to be on the meal plan. Each four-person apartment contains two doubles, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a common space, the most spacious setup available to freshmen. For the first time this year, the first floor apartments in each freshman building will be joined, allowing for easier interaction among residents. There will be four freshman apartment buildings, each representing a customs group, for the 2012-2013 school year. These four first-year buildings are nestled amongst 13 upper-class apartment buildings.


Tritton Hall is one of our two new residence halls.  This newest freshman dorm housed its first residents last year. All rooms in Tritton are singles and each floor is configured into two customs groups.  Each customs group will feature a kitchenette, common area, and laundry room. There is also a study room on each floor.  The outdoor courtyard provides a fantastic place for all students to relax. There will be four customs groups in Tritton for the 2013-2014 school year.


No matter which dorm you are placed in, the Customs program at Haverford will make sure you have a fantastic adjustment into college and enjoy your first year here!

For more information about life at Haverford, visit

Meet the Summer Interns

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Hi everyone! I’m Karl, an (as of last month) alum working as one of the two Deans’ Office Interns for the summer. I’m originally from St. Louis and have had an amazing time the past four years at Haverford. I majored in history, minored in political science (at Bryn Mawr), so if you have any questions about those two departments or taking classes at BMC please ask! During the past four years, I’ve served on the Residential Life Committee, Students’ Council, and the Student Political Network, and I encourage all of you to take advantage of the many extracurricular activities Haverford has to offer. Nate and I will be here through early August answering questions, assigning housing, and serving as a general resource for all of you. You can contact us through email (, the facebook group, or by calling the reslife office. We’ll also be regularly updating this blog (along with Raisa) with important information regarding deadlines, forms, and the freshman experience, so please check back frequently. I hope you all enjoy the summer break, and congratulations on your graduation (or soon-to-be graduation) from high school! Trust me, you have a great four year ahead of you.

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Hello to all of the excited members of the Class of 2017.  My name is Nate, and I am a rising Sophomore at Haverford.  I hail from the wonderful city of Baltimore, Maryland and had an incredible experience last year as a Freshman.  While my major is still undeclared, I will most likely major in Economics or Psychology so let me know if you have any interest in those fields because I would be glad to share what I know about those departments. Outside of academics I am a member of the Varsity Squash team and I will be a Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF) next year for the Customs program.

As Karl mentioned, we will be updating this blog with information that will be important to you.  Our biggest task this summer will be housing all of you in the various first-year residences on campus so get excited for that.  If you have any questions, please contact or call the Office of Residential Life.

I hope all of you have an amazing summer, and I wish everyone the best with the remaining weeks of school you may have.  My advice for this summer is to relax and keep busy.  As difficult as it is to wait until August 28, if you find ways to fill your time this summer, move-in day will be here much faster.  Try something new, spend time with your friends, and take a trip if you can do it.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon.