Customs Week (and Beyond!)

While touring and learning about Haverford, you hopefully heard about the customs program. Though it is likened to the orientation programs at other colleges and universities, the customs program is so much more than that. Your customs team will consist of 8 upperclassmen who have various roles in helping you acclimate to Haverford. The roles are: Customs Persons, Peer-Awareness Facilitators, Honor Code Orienteers, Upper-Class Advisor, and Ambassador of Multicultural Awareness. During Customs Week, they will all lead and facilitate various discussions and sessions to help you learn about the people on your hall and the greater Haverford community.

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Though much of customs week consists of panels or discussions, there are also many fun things worked in during the days! On the Sunday before classes start there are the Dorm Olympics, where all of the First Year halls dress in their dorm’s color and compete in various games and challenges. There is also a Scavenger hunt right at the beginning of Customs Week where you will definitely get to know your hall better while completing random challenges. This gets very competitive, as each hall competes against each other rather than each dorm. There is also the first dance called Supah Fun. Since by this point the only people you really know are on your hall, the dance is a fun way to bond more with your hall while getting to know new people. Customs Week culminates on Sunday when all non-First Years arrive on campus.

(My hall day 1 of college!)

Before I even stepped onto campus for Customs Week, my Customs Team had already been in contact with all of the First Years on our hall. They had answered questions and sent emails over the summer, so I already felt like I sort of new some people on campus. By the end of Customs Week, Haverford already felt like my home. Over the course of four days I went from being by myself in an unfamiliar place to feeling like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. My customs team calmed my nerves as soon as I parked in front of Gummere (the best First Year dorm, coming very biasedly from a Gummere resident) to unpack. As the year has gone on, the other First Years on my hall and my Customs Team have remained some of my best friends on campus, and are people that I know I can always rely on. The Customs program is very special and unique, and after being a part of the Customs Program for the past year, I couldn’t imagine my first year of college being any different. If you want to learn more about the Customs Program, click here.

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P.S. We look forward to seeing many of you this weekend for Spectrum and Open Campus Day!! As always, please reach out and email any of us if you have any questions!


Published:April 15, 2016


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