First-Year Workshop Series + Raffle Drawing from the OAR


(Left – Right) Michael, Claire, Nika and Lionel of the OAR
Hello, Class of 2018!
My name is Nika, and I’m writing to you from the Office of Academic Resources, or OAR
(that’s O-A-R, not the word “oar”). The OAR staff and our team of fabulous interns are
incredibly excited to welcome you to Haverford! More than 80% of last year’s freshmen
visited the OAR, and we hope to meet all of you at some point this year.
The OAR’s mission is simple: we are here to support Haverford students as they
develop into confident and accomplished scholars, communicators, and community
members. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to academic and personal
success. Instead, we work with each student to learn more about his/her goals, values,
and strengths; then we develop an individualized and comprehensive approach that
empowers students by strengthening the skills associated with maximal academic and
personal success.
Some of the services we offer:
  • Individual consultations with OAR staff members
  • Online learning and study tools available 24/7
  • Peer tutoring – free and unlimited, with over 80 tutors in 19 subject areas
  • Academic review centers
  • Workshops and other events
Before you arrive on campus and get into all the wonderful Customs activities planned
for you, I wanted to share two things the OAR is doing just for first-years:
Raffle Drawing
On Move-In Day, please look for a coupon good for a free cup of coffee or tea when
you come to the OAR for an individual consultation, to attend a workshop, or to use
our conference rooms or study spaces (all of which are equipped with education
technology). If you trade in your coupon before Fall Break, you’ll be entered in our raffle
drawing. Five winners will get a $25 gift card to!!
Lunchtime Workshops
We’re also kicking off this academic year with a series of lunchtime workshops just for
first-years. These workshops are designed to provide you with skills and strategies that
will empower you to have a very successful first semester – and beyond! – at Haverford.
All workshops will take place in the DC from 12-1pm; just grab your lunch and bring it to
the Swarthmore Room, which is located behind the serving area.
Wed 9/17: Semester Blueprinting
 Don’t let projects, exams, or research papers sneak up on you! Sometimes the best use
of your time right now is to take stock of what you need to do later: over the next few
weeks or even the next few months. In this session, we’ll show you how to use Google
Calendar to merge all your syllabi into one combined to-do list – so you can more
effectively plan for your academics and still have time for fun!
*Bringing your syllabi & laptop/tablet is helpful, but not necessary.
Wed 9/24: Reading Strategically in College
With all the reading Haverford students do, approaching your readings strategically is a
must. We’ll explore your current approaches to reading and introduce strategies aimed
at increasing both efficiency and retention. We’ll also discuss why different courses and
disciplines should be approached in different ways.
Wed 10/1: Enhancing Recall on Exams
The beginning of October means mid-terms are just around the corner – and finals
will be here before you know it! Although there’s no magic trick that will allow you to
instantly remember all your Spanish verbs or Chemistry formulas, there are techniques
that can help you improve your ability to recall information on exams.
Wed 10/8: Procrastinators Anonymous
We all put things off until the last minute from time to time, but many college
students cite procrastination as a challenge that often stands in the way of personal
and academic success. In this session, we’ll explore the underlying causes of
procrastination as well as techniques for channeling the positive aspects (yes, there are
some positives!) and developing more proactive habits
Any questions? Any workshops or events you’d like to see?
Feel free to send me an email at, and be sure to visit us in
Stokes 118 or check out our website!



Published:August 24, 2014


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