Welcome, from the Co-Presidents of Students’ Council

We, Maria and Claire, your Students’ Council Co-Presidents, hope that you’re enjoying the summer!
For those of you interested in learning more about student governance at our college, here’s a link to our constitution: sc.haverford.edu/students-constitution/
And stay up-to-date on upcoming SC events, you can use Claire’s google calendar and follow us here:facebook.com/haverfordsc & twitter.com/haverfordsc
We’d also like to share with you several goals we’ve identified for Students’ Council. In a survey taken last year, many Fords expressed that transparency is essential for making SC supportive of our student body. We agree. So here are our goals!
Summer Goals
  • Brainstorm ideas for new projects: SC members are using a shared document to discuss what specific goals they have in mind for their respective positions. 
  • Build a cohesive team: We are planning a retreat to promote teamwork within SC. The retreat will be followed by our pairing class representatives with officers who do not have partners. We hope to create a network of support within our organization.
  • Know the Constitution – and revise it: Before starting in their new roles, SC members will read the Constitution, officer descriptions compiled by the Officer of Campus Life 2012-13, and officer responsibilities written by SC 2013-14. Because we, Maria and Claire, believe that officer roles are not defined clearly enough in the Constitution, we are consolidating these documents. We will present our revisions at Fall Plenary.
Goals for the academic year
  • Weekly meetings will be held every Sunday at 7:30 PM. The first meeting of the month will be held in the DC Sunken Lounge. The rest of the month’s meetings will be held in Room 309 of the Campus Center.
  • Community forums will be held at least once a month. We used the survey responses to identify what campus-wide issues we will address first: 1) multiculturalism and diversity and 2) the relationship between SC, the administration, and the student body. We will use the survey responses as a guide for the rest of the year, but of course, if anything new and important arises, we’ll be sure to address it too!
  • Inform the student body: SC will table at the DC on the third Sunday of every month to inform students about SC’s activities and any recent issues SC has addressed. SC also will publish a Monthly Digest to inform students about what projects our officers have been working on.
  • Represent the student body in working with the administration: If you have any questions or concerns about the Strategic Plan, or if there are any issues you would like the Board of Managers to know about, please reach out to us about them!
  • Finally, rest assured that we are aware of the events surrounding the student protest of Dr. Birgenau as an honorary degree recipient. We look forward to working with Dan, the Board, fellow students, faculty and staff to review and improve the process for selecting honorary degree recipients. 
Thanks for reading. And as always, email us if you have any questions!
Best wishes,
Claire Dinh and Maria Bojorquez-Gomez

Published:August 21, 2014


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