Favorite Food on Campus

Top Five non-Dining Center On-campus Options:

  • Chocolate bread sticks: Late night study break snacks? YES!
  • Oreogasm: Can’t say no to an ice cream/oreo combo!
  • Pimp My Nachos: Lunt Cafe
  • Ehaus dinner: Every Thursday and free!
  • Coop burgers
  • Coop muffins: HUGE and Delicious!
  • Chocolate milkshake with a blend of frozen strawberries and raspberries: a Lilly Lavner fave!


Yue’s Top five Dining Center options of the year:

  • Chicken tenders: No need to explain. They are simply awesome.
  • Omelet/stir-fry bar: It became my freshman breakfast/morning ritual.
  • Pastability every Monday night
  • Local food nights
  • Sunday Sundaes: melty chocolate and caramel, whip cream, peanut butter cup chunks and gummy bears YUUUMMM!!!!

Published:August 21, 2014


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