Shopping Squirrel

Shopping squirrel

Shopping Squirrel

Hello Fords!

We know that you have probably looked through every Ikea, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond website this summer to pick out sheets, pillows and decorations for your new room, but we wanted to give you a heads up on a few items that might make your first semester a little bit more accommodating.

Plastic Solid Trash Cans: If you know you will always have a trash bag to put in your trashcan, then a mesh can or one with holes is fine. More likely than not, trash cans in your room will end up without a bag in a month or so. To keep the trash in and not worry about trash bags if you are out, opt for a plastic trashcan without holes.

Rolls of Quarters: A load of laundry at Haverford cost $2.25 per load. If you want to do laundry once every two weeks, you will need $15.75 in quarters. Save yourself a trip to one of two-quarter machines on campus and bring two rolls of quarters when you move in. The extra change will be used for an extra load or two of sheets and towels.

Clips or containers for snacks: Keep your room clean and make sure that you either clip bags of snacks or store them in containers to keep crumbs off the floor and bugs out of your room.

Dorm Spirit: For Dorm Olympics halls dress up and sport the color of their dorm. Gummere Green, Barclay Blue, and Tritton/HCA Red, bring shirts, pants and whatever thrift shop finds in your hall’s color.

Fan: While this Philadelphia summer has been rather mild, dorms can get hot, and having a fan available at night is an essential for the first month or so on campus.

In addition to the items above, during the first weeks of school Haverford hosts a massive poster & wall hanging sale, as well as a bicycle sale for people who want to have a bike on campus but might not want to bring one from home.

Enjoy the mall!

Brie & Harrison

Your Customs Co-Heads



Published:August 19, 2014


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