8th Dimension

309110_10151159896244170_93422002_n8th Dimension, Haverford’s Office of Community Service, would like to extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2018. You are definitely going to volunteer at least once on campus while you’re here–our first-year service days are coming up!–but our hope is that you will be able to volunteer as often as you want, and our job is to help you figure out how. Some examples of what we do are: Service Day and ongoing student-run projects (SRPs). We’ll also work with you on finding an individual placement if you have a specific interest that isn’t covered by our SRPs.

To find out more, click here and:

Like our Facebook page: Haverford 8th Dimension www.facebook.com/pages/Haverford-8th-Dimension/100132273393183

Visit our website! blogs.haverford.edu/8D/

Email us! 8dstaff@haverford.edu


Published:August 19, 2014


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