Due June 28!

Just a reminder that the following are due this week – June 28!

  • Faculty Adviser Questionnaire  – We will  use it to match you with a faculty adviser and to inform your adviser of your academic background and potential academic interests. You will need to explore the BI-College Course Guide to answer a few of the survey questions. NOTE: You’ll connect with your adviser for the first time during Customs Week. Unlike at other colleges, no academic advising is done in the summer and you won’t choose courses until you arrive on campus for Customs Week. Contact Dean Martinez at mmartine@haverford.edu if have have any questions. 
  • Sickle Cell Moodle RequirementsAll students must complete on line. Contact the ProDesk if you have any questions at ProDesk@haverford.edu or 610-896-1480.

Published:June 23, 2014


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