Yue’s Philly Favorites


IMG_4924 adjusted webFirst Sundays: I personally really enjoy going to art museums and thus First Sundays is definitely on the top of my list. First Sundays of every month, visitors can explore The Barnes Foundation for FREE, where tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is pay-as-you-wish. Fun Fact: the architect who designed the new Barnes Foundation building also designed Kim and Tritton, the two newest dorms on campus.


First Fridays: On first Fridays of every month from 5pm to 9pm, a series of gallery are open for free, starting from Vine Street and going throughout the neighborhood of the Old City. This is one of my personal favorites in Philly because I can just walk around with my friends, immersing ourselves in a mutual art experience.


South Street: I LOVE South Street. Usually I just walk around with my friends for hours, enjoying looking at different buildings, the art on the walls of the buildings, and possibly a visit to the Magic Garden. It is also a great spot for people watching (I know I am sketch).

Image Credits: Top, Barnes Foundation Building; Bottom, First Friday in Old City by B.Krist for GPTMC



Published:June 20, 2014


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