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Since the deadline for applying for Trico-Summer Institute is coming up on Monday the 16th, we thought it might be a good idea to interview some TRICO “alums” to give you insight about this awesome program.

Tom S. from Ipswich, MA and Vivian N. from Hatfield, PA are rising sophomores who participated in TRICO last year.


Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. We will abbreviate Tri-College Summer Institute as TRICO, whereas Tri-co will stand for the tri-college system representing Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore College

- Why TRICO?

T: I applied to TRICO because I was astonished to realize how poorly my brain was used to thinking in multicultural terms.

V: I’m really glad that I did decide to apply and join because I learned so much from TRICO and met so many cool people I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to know. I feel like I have a special connection to them now because of that experience we shared together.


- What did you do during TRICO?

T: We discussed topics such as race, class, and gender with anywhere between much or little prompting. Sometimes there would be activities such as a privilege walk or a group discussion, which would be followed by reflection in smaller groups. Often, there would be unsupervised breakout discussions on topics generated by the student participants.

V: We learned about the ideas, feelings, and movements which compose social justice and what it means to participate in it. We looked at ourselves and the ways in which we had privilege and needs and how others had privilege and needs. We had a lot of opportunities to hang out with and get to know fellow freshmen from the other schools in the Tri-Co as well as Haverford students.


- What was your favorite part about TRICO?

T: My favorite part was feeling that I could be truthful and reflective and open about myself in a way that I had never quite felt before. In fact, in a way that I had not even known was missing. Moreover, experiencing this with former strangers, who became my first friends in the massive Tri-Co web was amazing.

V: Learning about myself and about privilege and needs in general and getting to know other freshmen from TRICO. I still have a good relationship with most of the people I met at TRICO and have gotten to know students who have done TRICO in the years before me too.


- How did the TRICO experience influence your first-year experience?

T: It opened my mind, tongue, and emotion beyond what is discussed regularly in college classes and college conversations about social justice issues.

V: It was a cool way to jumpstart my freshman year because I came into Customs Week already having been moved in for several days and knowing a group of freshmen and upperclassmen. I was also starting to connect with some of Haverford’s resources such as the CPGC and the Rufus Jones Institute.

Interested in TRICO? Learn more and Apply to TRICO by Monday June 16.


Published:June 13, 2014


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