The Interns

As for ourselves, we are the Dean’s Office Summer Interns, tasked with helping all the deans and working closely with Residential Life to decide the housing assignments.


Hi Fords, my name is Yue Xiang, a rising sophomore from Guangzhou, China. I spent two years at an all-girls boarding school in Raleigh, NC before coming to Haverford last year. Here at Haverford, my main extracurricular activity is being a member of Varsity Track and Field team. I run the 60m and the 200m indoors and the 200m outdoors. I will also be dipping my feet in the 400m in the coming seasons. Besides track, I love doodling (not in class though, gotta stay focused) and laughing at literally nothing (Yes, I know I am weird). I have a newly developed unhealthy obsession for Game of Thrones and we have a Kingslayer in the library! In the mornings I have a ritual of making an omelette in the Dining Center followed by an hour-long breakfast talking to my friends and potentially meeting some new people. I will potentially be a Math major with a minor in Fine Art but I am also interested in Anthropology and Linguistics.


Hello and welcome again to Haverford! My name is David Kahan and I am undecided as to where I’m from. I like to say that I’m from Paris, France where I had spent the previous 7 years and 11 in total before coming to Haverford last year but my friends like to say that I’m from Miami when they think I’m being uppity.  Besides enjoying this argument and most others, I like to indulge in mediocre and good tv shows, read, cook, and I love good food and wine. I discovered Crew (one of our club sports) last year at Haverford and I hope to continue rowing the next three years. We row eights and I am most comfortable on the starboard side but I have spent time on port as needed. I arrived at Haverford last year very much undecided as I considered Physics, Political Science, and Economics while having sworn off History and I am now leading towards Economics with an outside chance of History.

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Published:June 6, 2014


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