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The Office of Academic Resources (OAR) works with students in a variety of settings to propel them towards excellence in their academic pursuits through targeted goal-setting, skills identification and development, individualized coaching, and partnership with other resources on campus. The staff is committed to enhancing the academic experience of all students so that they are in a position to take full advantage of the many amazing opportunities available at Haverford and are poised to grow as confident and competent communicators, scholars, and community members.  

Students can expect a highly individualized and comprehensive approach to their academic success when visiting the OAR. The staff meets students where they are and recognize that every Haverford student defines success and personal growth differently.

70701_lg You can set up an individualized academic coaching session with an OAR staff member to help strengthen an array of personal skills and strategies associated with academic excellence, including:

  • time management approaches
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • focus and study techniques
  • semester planning
  • approaches for navigating the college classroom
  • goal setting/values identification
  • improving public speaking/presenting
  • preparing for graduate/professional school

peer-tutoring Peer tutoring is also available and strongly recommended for students seeking one-on-one instruction from fellow Haverford students.  This service is free and appointments can be made online.


Students are encouraged to take an active role in the ongoing development of the office by offering suggestions for workshops, discussion topics and speakers.    

The Class of 2017 will also be the first class to take full advantage of the suite of technology tools being infused into the OAR.  Students will be able to collaborate, learn, create and teach each other in creative new ways with the support of interactive touchscreen monitors, audio and web conferencing tools, collaborative working spaces, new software, and other tools.

Here’s what Haverford students are saying about the OAR:

 “The OAR has definitely helped me understand the components that go into being prepared for a reading-writing class other than the officially stated assignments. I am now able to take better notes on readings…and feel much more prepared for class and for writing assignments now.”

“I think the personalized attention is the most important aspect, one of the best parts about going to Haverford is that the workshop was not one-size fits all, but focused on personal attention.”

 “The OAR is staffed by very nice people who clearly understand what they are talking about, and are very helpful in providing specific and general study advice.”

What I appreciate so much about the OAR is that they recognize that academic performance is so closely tied to a variety of other factors in a student’s life. When I meet with the OAR, I’m not simply talking about my classes or my schedule, but also discussing life and the factors of being a student that can impede my ability to be academically efficient in the way that I want to be.”

 We are eager to enrich your transition to college.

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