Student’s View: Haver-essentials

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Exhaustive packing lists are easily accessible online or at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but instead of giving you one of those, we thought it would be more helpful to highlight a few items that are more unique to Haverford.

Things to bring:

1) Fan – With the exception of medically cleared students, air conditioning is not provided in the dorms, and the rooms can get slightly uncomfortable during the first few weeks of school.  A simple fan goes a long way toward keeping the rooms cool. If applicable, coordinate with roommates on this one!

2) Dorm Olympics colors – Dorm Olympics is one of the highlights of customs week as Barclay, Gummere and South campus (HCA and Tritton) battle it out for dorm pride. Be sure to have at the very least a shirt (that can get wet/dirty) in the color of your dorm. Barclay is blue, Gummere is green, and HCA and Tritton are red. Other articles of clothing, face paint and other props are also encouraged (although your customs teams will have plenty of paint for you regardless).

3) Quarters – While it is possible to put money on your Onecard to operate laundry machines, most students prefer to use quarters. There is a machine to get the quarters in the campus center, but it can be nice to arrive with a stash to get you through the first few loads.


4) Snow gear – Haverford is in the northeast, and it gets cold/snowy at points in first semester. This should not be much of an issue before fall break, but if you are not heading home for fall break, you may want to bring winter clothes, boots etc. to ensure you’re well-prepared if bad weather occurs.

Further questions about what to bring should be directed toward your customs team. As you have already seen, they are incredibly eager to help and they have all lived through freshman year so take advantage of their knowledge!

We’ll see all of you in less than two weeks!

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