Things you need to know about working at Haverford


In order to comply with the Immigration Reform Act we need to obtain certain information when hiring all employees, including students. In order for Haverford to assure that it complies with the regulations your help will be needed if you have a work grant or other job at Haverford.

In addition to providing a Social Security number and filling out the W-4 form, all newly hired employees will need to complete an I-9 form and present documentation as to your citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States.  If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, you will have to fill out a Local Earned Income Tax Residency form.  To facilitate this process we will have someone at non-academic registration to review the documentation and fill in the required forms. The required documentation consists of proof of identity and proof of employment eligibility.  The following single documents are among those that satisfy both requirements:

US Passport
Certificate of United States Citizenship
Certificate of Naturalization
Unexpired foreign passport with attached employment authorization
Alien Registration Card

The requirements can also be met with a combination of one identification and one employment eligibility as follows:

Identity Employment Eligibility

Drivers license with picture                        Original Social Security Card
or other state issued ID card
School ID with photograph                        Birth Certificate

US Military Card                                           Unexpired INS Employment Authorization

For most of you, the easiest combination will be driver’s license and Social Security Card but you may use any approved documentation.

It is recommended that students sign up for Direct Deposit.  To do this all we would need is a voided blank check and proper paperwork filled out.

If you need assistance contact Nancy Sunderland ( in Student Payroll.


You can find job listings in the Career Development Office Board.  Below are some current openings:


Are you interested in building your resume?  Want to work in an exciting environment where you can see your fellow Haverfordians?   Need Cash???

Haverford Dining Services is here to help! Offering jobs in the following locations fall 2012:

The Dining Center

Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Dining Center offers food services to the whole campus—students, faculty members and college guests in an open and flexible work-environment. Offering a wide variety of jobs and hours, the Dining Center is a great option for those interested in advancement opportunities in an environment that fosters teamwork and professionalism.      Email for more information or stop by our table at Non-Academic Registration when you arrive on campus!

The COOP is Hiring

Located on the second floor of the Whitehead Campus Center, the COOP is a café-restaurant, open 6-days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The COOP is an exciting work place in a predominantly student-run operation, with opportunities for advancement in a fun, learning environment.    Email for more information or stop by our table at Non-Academic Registration when you arrive on campus!


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