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The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) is a student-run networking and mentoring program dedicated to the goal of academic excellence. Student coordinators, in collaboration with faculty and deans, plan workshops designed to communicate the wisdom and experience of upperclassmen to new students. Open to all students in all disciplines, MSP sponsors workshops and panel discussions, and can help you find jobs on and off campus, internships, and make other useful contacts. Please come to the first meeting, Friday, September 6, at 5:30pm for pizza and to learn more about the opportunities available through MSP. You can contact the Faculty Director, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman ( for more information, or visit the website.



The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership is Haverford College’s leadership development program. In accordance with the mission of the College, the program will encourage students to utilize the diverse resources on-campus, in the surrounding communities, and around the world to build the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to become positive change agents in our increasingly global society.

The Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, aims to provide the Haverford College community with opportunities to build skills and share experiences, knowledge, and resources in the arena of leadership development. More specifically, the Board administers the Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership, plans and implements the curriculum, retreats, speakers, and workshops, advises enrolled participants, and is constantly working to expand the Institute and connect Haverford College community members to leadership development opportunities in the surrounding area and around the world.   Please explore the curriculum and exciting activities at:


WOMEN IN SCIENCE -an on-campus group that seeks to encourage involvement from women in the sciences at all interest levels — from students planning on majoring or minoring to non-majors.  In addition to acting as a supportive social space, Women in Science is involved in mentoring, providing advice on career and academic opportunities, and building connections with women in science in the Tri-Co.

Incoming women interested in the sciences can learn more about the group, sign up for a mentor, or join the group’s mailing list by e-mailing the co-heads  Ana Nourmahnad (, Maggie Perkoff (




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