Academic Advising Timeline

Many students have asked about registering for their fall schedule of courses.  The Academic Advising blog of June 14th gave you an overall introduction to the Advising Program at Haverford College.  Below is a Timeline of Advising activities for the fall semester.

advising-2aTime Line for Academic Advising

The following are recommended times for meetings to discuss your academic plans.   You can set up additional times to meet with your Faculty Advisor and UCA whenever you feel it would be helpful.

During Customs Week 2013

August 28  – September 2     Meet your Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and set up an appointment to discuss your academic plans.  Make sure to make plan for shopping week.

September 2 – Meet your faculty adviser individually to plan your course schedule

September 2 – All Haverford Academic departments, and some of the Bryn Mawr Departments, will be represented by faculty who are eager to share their resources with you and to answer your questions.

September 3 – Sept. 10      Shopping week: Explore some classes of interest – review syllabi.

Sept.10-11       Submit your final registration to your faculty adviser for approval

Remember that you are not registered for classes until your faculty adviser approves your registration.

imagesEarly November 2013

Meet with your UCA to discuss possible schedule for Spring semester

Make appointment to meet with your faculty adviser to discuss Spring courses

Submit schedule for faculty adviser approval by November 1

You will need your  faculty adviser to approve your pre- registration.


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