First-Year Student Meet-Ups

Just as a reminder, the Alumni Relations Office has worked hard to put together meet-ups next month so that you can get to know some of your fellow classmates before arriving. If you can make any of these, be sure to come!

You should have received an invitation via email or snail mail if you live in one of these areas. If you have not but would like to attend, please feel free to email Hope you’ll be able to make it and have a great day!

The schedule is as follows:

Sat., 8/10 - Philly (on campus) - 12-2:00pm, Barclay Beach
Sun., 8/11 - NYC-Suburbs (Scarsdale) - 2-4:00pm
Wed., 7/31 – NYC – 6-8:00pm

3 thoughts on “First-Year Student Meet-Ups

  1. Hi, wondering if there are some students from western New York state who might like to arrange a meet-up? We are from Canandaigua, NY about 35 minutes south-east of Rochester, a little over an hour east of Buffalo, and just over an hour west of Syracuse.
    I am the parent of a first-year, and would be willing to help with arrangements. Thank you.

  2. We are thinking about coming to this meet-up. Will it be possible to see the dorms that we have been assigned to?

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