Pre-Law and Pre-Health Resources

From the Pre-Law desk: There is plenty you can do to prepare for the study of law, and a career in law, during your time at Haverford.  Law schools look for applicants who can write well (with grace and style); think cogently (and marshal the facts to support an argument); and who can handle extensive reading assignments successfully and in a timely manner. If you take courses that develop and demonstrate these abilities, you will be in good shape and law schools will be interested in you.
Haverford College does not have a pre-law curriculum. This means you do not need to pursue a particular course of study to prepare you for law school or to improve your odds of gaining admission.  Our overall academic strength has a very good reputation among law schools, and our alumni have found much success with just about any major here.  Any course of rigorous study — and any major including the social sciences, the hard sciences, languages and the classics — will prepare you well for the study of law.

Jennifer Barr,,  will work with you to support your interest in pre-law.  Become actively involved the the Pre-Law Society at Haverford  where you will have more opportunities to learn about law and have the opportunity to contribute to the Bi-College Law Journal.


Pre-law is housed in the Career Development Office.  Fill out your profile on OCEAN and select Law as one of your career interests.  This will allow you to receive targeted emails regarding programs that have a focus on law-related careers and interests.



The Pre-Health Office serves Haverford students and alumni who are interested in the health professions, including medicine, osteopathy, public health, dentistry, nursing, podiatry, physical therapy and more.

At Haverford College students can develop a particularly strong foundation for careers in these professions because of our academic excellence, opportunities for research and service, and humanistic Quaker values.  In addition, given our convenient location outside of the city of Philadelphia, our students take advantage of numerous opportunities to volunteer and work in hospitals, clinics, and research facilities in the area. Haverford alumni have distinguished themselves as physicians in all areas of medicine and dentistry, as leaders in public health, and in satisfying practices as nurse practitioners, nutritionists, genetic counselors, physical therapists, and more.

Michele Taylor,, provides guidance and support to our students as they plan their pre health curriculum and extra curricular activities. We help them think through their schedules to fulfill admissions’ prerequisites for medical schools and other programs in the health sciences; plan for summer and extracurricular activities; and strategize for when and how they will apply to medical or other health professions schools.  For a more in depth view at this resource please consult the Pre-Health Advising web site at:

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