Below you will find some questions and answers that might be helpful in your transition.  Keep them coming……

On placement exams:

  • Will we need to commit to the courses we select and write down in our First Year Advising Questionnaire?

No.  The courses you discussed in your adviser survey were courses that seemed interesting.  You don’t have enough information yet to make decisions.  You will need to speak with your Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and your faculty adviser before you make up a schedule.

  • Is the placement exam mandatory for all students wishing to take a class in the subject area?

Yes.  That’s how we will know where you should begin.  You would not want to be bored by a course that covers what you have already learned, and it would not be fair to students who are learning the material for the first time to have to compete with someone who is already familiar with the material.

  • Should I take a placement exam in a subject even if I’m not 100% sure I’ll be taking a class in that subject area?

Some courses have per-requisites that make it necessary to know your placement level.  For instance, Econ 105 requires a math placement of Calculus 113.  Biology has a pre-requisite of one semester of a lab science.  Most students take Chemistry or Physics to fulfill that requirement.  In both instances, knowing the math and/or Chem or Physics placement would be helpful. Additionally, sometimes students think they would like to begin a new language in college but due to scheduling difficulties opt to fulfill their language requirement with a language they took in high school.  It is best to have the placement done in case you decide to keep on going with the language you took through high school.  International students can contact me directly to think through what language they would pick.

  • Will there be opportunities to take the placement exam in the future if I decide later on that I want to take a class in the subject area?

It is possible to complete some of these tests at a later time, but since you won’t know your schedule until you meet with folks here, it makes sense to take the placement exams during the summer.  It would be a good idea to avoid taking the tests while you are trying to register for classes.

  • Can the foreign language requirement be met with an AP score of 4 or 5 or a score above 600 in the SAT II?

This is no longer the case.  The Educational Policy Committee changed the requirement.  Beginning with the Class of 2016 all students will need to complete 2 semesters of a language other than English.


On Res Life:

  • When will first-year housing assignments be released?

We are hard at work creating customs groups that we believe will provide the best possible fit for each and every freshman. Freshmen can expect an email with their housing assignment, along with contact information for any roommate/suitemates, not later than the end of July.  Customs team members will begin to contact frehsmen shortly thereafter.

  • What kinds of things go on during move-in day/customs week? Is there programming for parents? When should they leave?

A full schedule of customs week activities, including the program for parents on move-in day, will soon be available at:

  • Are students allowed to stay on campus during Fall break?

Many Haverford students stay on campus over Fall break, especially if they live a flight away from college.  Several college offices (such as 8th Dimension, CPGC) and student clubs (such as the outdoor club) offer alternative programming for Fall break, and some jobs will allow students to continue to work over this 10 day period.  The residence halls remain open (at no extra charge) during Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring breaks.  The Dining Center is closed however.  more information on this at:

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