Placement exams

When choosing your courses for the first semester, you will probably need information about the level at which you should enter a particular field of study. This process is known as “Placement.” In areas where you are particularly well prepared, you may be placed into intermediate rather than beginning level courses. Where no placement exam is given, an interview with the department chair can determine your status.

Most of the placement exams and surveys are available on line this summer and should be completed by August 9.   I encourage you to complete them before you arrive on campus so  your adviser has the placement results when you meet and you can take advantage of all that Customs Week offers and.    Some language placement exams are only available when you arrive at Haverford during Customs Week.  If you are not able to complete the online tests, please contact your Dean, Raisa Williams ( or 610-896-1293.

One other thing to keep in mind about placement exams and their results is that credit and placement are separate issues at the College.  High scores on AP exams will carry credit but will not automatically assure advanced standing in a particular subject.  Such placement depends upon judgments made by the departments concerned after testing or interviews.  Advanced placement on exams administered during Customs Week or on line does not carry credit.  In other words, although students may receive both credit and advanced placement in a given subject, it is perfectly common to receive one without the other.  The two processes are independent of each other.

Please remember that in order to help us place you at the level which is best suited to your preparation and potential, you are expected to give your best effort while taking the exam, under the principles of the Haverford Honor Code.

Information on Language Placement Exams will be coming soon via a blog next week.

Other placement exams available:




Economics: UPDATE: Econ submission instructions. Please print out the exam, complete it and either: scan it back into the computer and send by email to; or mail to Anne Preston, Department of Economics, Haverford College, 370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford PA 19041

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