Academic Requirments for Graduation

It may seem  incongruous to talk about graduation before you begin your first class, but I would like to give you a framework for structuring your time at Haverford.

To graduate from Haverford College, a student must complete successfully a minimum of 32 course credits.  The typical course load is 4 courses per semester.  Each course will carry 1 credit, except some of the Intensive Language courses which carry 1.5 credits.  There are also semester long Orchestral and Choir courses that carry .5 credits.  The credit earned in a course is listed in the course description found in the Tri-College Guide (

Additionally, up to a total of 4 course credits may be granted from any combination of the following:

  • Advanced Placement scores of 5 (1 credit) or 4 (.5 credit);
  • A maximum of 4 credits from the International Baccalaureate for higher level examinations only, with grades of 5 or above;  Work in “A” levels, with a grade of B or above;
  • A maximum of 4 credits from the French Baccalaureate, with scores of 12 or above with a coefficient of at least 5;
  • A maximum of 4 credits from the Swiss Maturite for scores of 5 or higher;
  • A maximum of 4 credits from the German Abitur for scores of 10 or higher;
  • Approved college work before matriculation at Haverford in degree granting departments and programs;
  • Approved summer courses taken between academic years at Haverford.


In all cases, scores or transcripts must be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar, Haverford College.

Students admitted as freshmen must spend at least six semesters at the College and must earn at least 24 course credits in residence.  This residency requirement automatically limits the amount of credit earned at other institutions, either before or during your time at Haverford, to 8 credits overall.

Many of the Deans, as well as the Registrar, have offices in Chase Hall.

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