Student Activities: Part 2

Hi everybody! We hope you all are enjoying the last few days of June. As a quick aside, we’ve received many questions regarding student ID numbers. Here is a link where you will be able to find your number: Carrying on from our Monday post on student activities, we would like to discuss student government and leadership at Haverford. In addition to the leadership involvement opportunities that are available in the student organizations discussed on the last post, Haverford has a strong tradition of student self-governance. Students’ Council, Honor Council, and JSAAPP constitute student government.  Co-presidents, co-vice presidents, co-secretaries, co-treasurers, one representative from each class year, and officers of academics, multicultural affairs, athletics, campus life, and arts comprise Students’ Council. Their collective responsibilities include but are not limited to communicating the position of students to faculty and administration, appointing student leadership positions, organizing plenary, and allocating funding to student organizations. For more information about student council, take a look at

Honor Council is the branch of self-governance that is responsible for matters related to the Honor Code. Honor Council is comprised of sixteen members, four from each year. Of these sixteen members, two are co-chairs and two are co-secretaries. Honor Council works on community outreach activities such as abstract discussions, overseeing Honor Code ratification, and organizing discussions with faculty, as well as administering all suspected Honor Code violation proceedings. For more information, please look at

JSAAPP stands for Joint Student-Administration Alcohol Panel, and is responsible for presiding over the alcohol policy, which is ratified annually by the student body at plenary. Keeping in line with the trust, concern, respect the Honor Code advocates for, students at Haverford are given a lot of responsibility and autonomy. JSAAPP, along with the rest of student self-governance is a strong example of this. In addition to the three branches of student government, students serve on almost every committee of the college, including planning committees, faculty search committees, or the Committee on Student Standing and Programs.  Stay posted for more about student life next week and we hope you are as excited to arrive as we are to have you here!


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