Student Activities: Part 1

Hello Class of 2017! We hope you are all getting excited to be here in just over two months! We’ve spent the last week here overrun by golfers and people who look like golfers (why do the spectators dress like they’re playing? Maybe NFL fans should do the same), but now things are getting back to normal and we’re sorting through housing forms! Quick reminder, if you haven’t submitted your questionnaire yet please do so by June 19th. In an effort to give you an insider’s view on life at Haverford from a student’s perspective, we would like to share a little bit about student activities at Haverford. One of the most distinctive elements of Haverford is the trust and responsibility the college places in the hands of students, and as a result student activities endeavors are taken seriously.

The college has around 145 operating student clubs of various sizes and goals, a tribute to the powerful involvement of students in dictating the direction of life on campus. These clubs include academic organizations, affinity groups, special interest groups, athletic clubs, student government, media groups, performing and visual arts groups, spiritual clubs, and community service and advocacy groups (more information and a complete list can be found at In addition to supporting its club members, many student organizations run campus-wide events that bring the community together. For example, ‘Fords Against Boredom (FAB) will support free, non-alcoholic events nearly every weekend on campus and in Philadelphia. Some examples of past FAB events include Ben and Jerry’s Bingo, Dating Game, FAB Quizzo, Casino Night, Phillies games, and musical performances. All clubs are completely student-run and are funded by Students’ Council at the beginning of each semester.

Haverford would like to support as many student interests as possible, so if there is a club you would like to see that does not yet exist, you are welcome to start one. Starting your own student organization is as easy as meeting with the Coordinator of Student Activities and if necessary applying for funds through Students’ Council. You can begin the process of starting your own student club as early as first semester of freshman year. Leadership workshops and room to get involved in student government are also plentiful—be sure to check in next week to learn more about that. In the mean time, have a great week!

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