Peer Advisors and Educators aka: the Customs Team

Among the many advantages in attending a small college like Haverford, and one of which we are very proud, is the extensive guidance system. One segment of that system that you should know about is the considerable role of the upper class students who serve as the Customs Team.  Members of the team include: Ambassadors for Multicultural Affairs (AMA) , Customs People  (CP), Honor Code “Orienteers” (HCO) , Peer Awareness Facilitators (PAF) and Upper Class Advisers (UCA).

Each first-year student is assigned to live in a Customs group for the length of the year.   While the UCAs and the CPs  live with the first year students in their group, they will  work together with the rest of the  Customs Team to ensure that you learn all there is to know about Haverford and the tri-college community.

Customs Team members will most likely reach out to the first year students during the summer.  Their enthusiasm and their genuine commitment to welcoming the in coming students to the Haverford community give them a special place among  our college traditions.


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