Academic Advising Program

MP900439558At this point in the summer I want to give you some idea of how to prepare for the academic challenges ahead as well as make a request for some personal information so we can be better prepared to work with you in this important transition.

You can look forward to working with two members of the Haverford community who are specifically concerned with providing you with the guidance necessary for the development of your academic program.  You will be paired with a Faculty Adviser, who is a full-time member of the Haverford faculty, and an Upper Class Adviser, or UCA, a junior or senior student who has been extensively trained to help acquaint you with your academic options.  The UCA will be a part of your customs group so there is easy access to good academic advice.  She/he can also help you make sense of the Tri-College Course Guide ( ) and Catalog both of which you can access on line during the summer

Time will be provided during Customs Week for you to meet with your Faculty Adviser and UCA to discuss your academic program and put you in a position to begin classes on September 4th .  You will continue to meet with your faculty adviser and UCA during the first week of classes to finalize your program for the first semester.  You should always feel free to consult with your faculty adviser and UCA regarding academic and other matters throughout your first year at Haverford.

MP900175597In order to start the process of communication, please take a moment to answer a short survey that will help your faculty adviser have a better idea about your plans while at Haverford.  You will need to take a look through the course guide and pick some courses you might want to pursue.   I hope you have fun completing the survey.  I know the faculty members look forward to getting to know their students through the summer communications.

We need to receive the survey by June 28, 2013  Your Faculty Adviser will have your response as soon as the assignment of advisers is completed. You can access the survey at:


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