The First Year Program


Haverford students develop their Academic Schedule when they arrive at the end of the summer.  They work closely with their Upper Class Adviser (UCA) and their faculty Adviser during Customs Week to develop a plan to meet their needs and interests. The summer is a good time to:

  • Take placement exams – the blog will guide you on the deadlP8240067ines and what is available
  • Complete a questionnaire for your faculty adviser – more on this in the next blog
  • Become familiar with the Course offerings through the TRI-COLLEGE Course Guide (


Our faculty strongly recommends that first year students take no more than one course in any department in either semester of the first year.  The idea here is that you should be exposed to areas of knowledge and ways of thinking which may be new and which may radically change your ideas about eventual specialization.  You and your adviser will select a program of courses for the first semester during the Customs period.  The courses open to first year students are generally numbered below 200, but if qualified, a first year student may be permitted by the Department concerned to take more advanced courses.  More information on how we view the Liberal Arts Education as well as the Degree Requirements can be found in the Haverford Catalog (

In addition to the Freshman Writing Seminar, all students must take six quarters of physical education during their first two years. Only one course is mandatory for all, Introduction to Fitness, and that quarter must be taken in one’s first year at Haverford. Students should register for PE courses immediately after they have completed their academic schedules.  The Athletic Department will provide students with schedules and information on registration this summer. To earn credits students must register for courses (including varsity teams) with the Athletic Department.  Simply attending an activity or joining a team does not substitute for registration and does not itself carry credit.  For more information go to: There are alternatives to fulfilling this requirement that do not require athletic participation.  Make sure you explore the possibilities with the Athletic department staff during the first week of classes.

Classes begin the day after Labor Day, September 3rd.



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