These are some courses that have been taught in the past:

Conversation française
S’inspirant d’un thème de discussion, on fera la fête chaque semaine. Le but du cours est tout simplement le pratique de l’art de la conversation française. Le cours se limite a ceux qui savent déjà s’exprimer en français. Idéal pour ceux qui viennent d’étudier à l’étranger et ceux qui vont y aller prochainement.

Cooking Class
We will be cooking fun/delicious food from a variety of countries! In the past, we have made crepes, sushi, etc., but the menu is flexible and determined by the interests of those taking the class. Also, students may be able to guest teach if there is a dish that they want to share with the group.

Creative Solutions to Cooking with Dietary Restrictions
During the first class meeting I will determine the array of dietary restrictions we have amongst the class (we will certainly be making everything gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free, but will add other restrictions as necessary). I will then plan the menus accordingly, also taking into consideration any particular items that students want to learn how to make with their specific restrictions. One class session will also be a field trip to The Head Nut and/or Whole Foods to help orient students to the different options available.

Exploring Leadership: Linking Theory to Practice
Are you interested in what it means to be a leader? Want to improve your leadership skills? Want to learn what ‘leadership skills’ are?? If juxtaposing leadership development theories, understanding the role of self development, and learning with people who have a wide-range of experiences and perspectives is enticing to you, then this is the ExCo course you’ll want to take. In the most basic form, we’ll explore the answers to the following two questions: 1) What is leadership? and 2) How do we “do” leadership?

Learn how to make beer through the homebrewing process. We will teach you about the basic ingredients of beer (water, malt, hops, and yeast) and its production through a small seminar taught in HCA. This semester, we plan to create two craft brews: A Rye Pale Ale and an Imperial Amber Ale (though we are open to alternative suggestions). We will also meet to sample our brews. Through this seminar, we hope to impart a greater appreciation of the specifics (color, lacing, darkness, hoppiness, etc) of craft beer. You must be 18 to participate and 21 to partake in beer tasting seminars.

Learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
A theory, consciousness, and technique devised to enrich our lives, get what we need, and “confront” our professors without getting in trouble. The fundamental purpose of NVC is to make this lofty concept “peace” practically achievable by facilitating real connection between people. The workshops I offer are scholarly explorations of NVC with the intention to learn the theory and practice to a greater degree. We learn the basics together in all its conceptual and practical applications in a fun and engaging way.