What is ExCo?
ExCo (Experimental College) is a program of student-run, not-for-credit courses. We try to connect people who share diverse interests in learning outside the classroom.

Why ExCo?
ExCo began as a resolution passed at Fall Plenary in 1997. The goal of the program is to enrich our education by allowing us to share our knowledge, interests, and skills with each other in a cooperative and relaxed environment.

Who gets involved?
ExCo classes are run by members of the Haverford community for members of the Haverford community. We welcome students, faculty and staff to participate in ExCo as teachers and students.

How does ExCo work?
ExCo is run by a Committee of students and funded by Students’ Council. To offer a course, teachers send the Committee a description and we help them set up the course, as well as advertise the course to potential students. We are here for the spirit of learning; therefore, students do not receive credit and teachers do not receive pay.

ExCo recruits teachers and students at the beginning of every semester. After classes are finalized, the roster is advertised for student sign-ups. Classes  run for about 5 weeks.