Screen Test!

This entry was posted on Jan 31 2010 by Sophie Taylor

My hands are still stained with make-up from creating the looks for Laura, Peter, and Evan. Peter, the Student, looked properly bedraggled, and Laura the Landlady went from very pretty to very stern and middle-aged, but I definitely had the most fun with Evan’s make-up. With a dead-white face and deep, black circles around his eyes, he looked like the lovechild of Uncle Fester and the original Phantom of the Opera. Unfortunately, the bald-cap I purchased in DC along with the rest of the make-up didn’t come close to fitting, so we are still trying to figure out how to transform Evan’s hair into the limp strings I’d imagine hang from the head of Erich Zann.

Beyond having fun with the make-up and admiring Meredith’s costume for the Landlady, it was cool to see how transformative black&white film can be. Make-up colors that looked strange or unnatural transform into realistic shadows, and costume and prop pieces gain an immediate sense of antiquity.

Overall, this was a much better start to my Sunday than sitting in the library, and I can’t wait to move forward with production!

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