A Student Seminar

Seminar Leaders: Andrew Smith ’11 (Math), Patrick Phelan ’11 (English)
Faculty Advisor: Gus Stadler (English)
Seminar Participants: Daniel Connochie (Psychology), Jacob Horn ’13 (Classics), LinKai Jiang ’11 (Philosophy), Katie Monroe ’13 (Anthropology with a Gender & Sexuality Concentration), Robin Riskin ’12 (English with an Africana Concentration)

This seminar seeks to explore what it means to be a celebrity and the cultural half-life of fame in the age of condensing Warhol’s “fifteen minutes” into a single viral moment. We will examine constructions of “digital fame” through theoretical, historical, and practical lenses. We will begin by developing a framework of modern fame, or fame and its existence since the beginning of television. From there, we plan to examine digital renown from three distinct approaches. A broader spectrum of content, a monolithic audience, and an instantaneously aggregating communal opinion have effectively multiplied and widened the avenues to fame.

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