It’s All in the Details

This weekend, we each floated in and out of the Weitz Centre for Creativity to toil away on our own masks. By Friday we had followed our research curiosities to their limits, chosen our particular questions and scenes to test them with, and begun the detail work on our masks. In addition to taking part in the group scene from Euripides’ Herakles, I chose to stage the climactic scene in the Bacchae, when Agave is loosed from the grips of Dionysos’ madness. I’m attempting to test the legibility on a static mask of Agave’s shift from mad pride and joy to shock, horror, and disgust. Agave
Today, as Kat, Olivia, and Clara worked on elaborate headdresses, I moulded my last of four masks, Pentheus’s decapitated head. Tomorrow, Pentheus will be painted, and lines will be memorized…we perform for the maps section on Thursday, so the pressure’s on!Pentheus

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