House Managing during a Festival

physicalSo the summer has been chugging along. I’ve continued to do some marketing work for Links Hall, creating ticket sale pages and programs for visiting artists. I also cleaned up the digital archives, updating them through June of this year. Next week I’ll start updating July’s events. The big news from July was Physical Festival, a 9-day festival celebrating physical theater. There were two weekends during which visiting companies performed, and during the week local Chicago artists took the stage, including a scratch night. I house managed a night during the weekend. This involved checking people in at the door and selling tickets, cleaning the space before and after the show, and basically just being available for whatever the artists needed. The house manager’s perk is that they get to watch the shows once everyone has been checked in, so I was fortunate enough to watch Out of Balanz from Denmark perform their adorable 2-man show “Next Door”, and to see 3 artists from Oregon perform their new show “Circo de tu Corazon.” It was a really lovely night. I’ll be sad to leave in a few weeks.

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