Summer at the Fringe

Hey guys, I’m Miriam, and this summer I’m interning at FringeArts, funded by the good ol’ Hurford Center.


So at work the other day I drew bunnies.

Yep, interning at FringeArts involves many tasks, and one of those tasks is bunny-drawing.

FringeArts is a performing arts organization in Philadelphia, best known for their annual Fringe Festival in September. There’s gonna be some crazy stuff, guys. I definitely recommend that you venture out of your Haver-homes (I know, they’re so cozy, but just this once!) and trek into the city to see some performances.

So what am I doing at the Fringe? Certainly not acting—though my starring role as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a hit in the elementary school theater community. No, once you cease being a cute ten-year-old you must start relying on real skills, and acting is not one of mine. I work more behind the scenes, as the Guide & Information Management Intern. (I know, super descriptive title, now you know exactly what I do.) I help create and edit the Festival guide, which lists all the shows and where to find them. (Basically, I’m writing this book but for the performing arts.) I also blog for FringeArts, which means I get to interview some really interesting people and learn about the performing arts in Philadelphia.

But I know, this is not why you’re all here. You’re just waiting with bated breath: “where, Miriam, where do the bunnies come in?!” I don’t blame you, bunnies are awesome. Well, occasionally I get to draw something for the Festival guide, and one such drawing was an image for the play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour. I won’t post the finalized drawing here—you know, gotta keep up that element of mystery—but the above image shows some of my sketches.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. I’ll be back later in the summer, ready to overuse parentheses in the name of the Hurford Center once more!

–Miriam Hwang-Carlos

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  1. Love your rabbits! And am enjoying your posts on the Fringe website: here’s the link in case someone else would like to know more:


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