Throwback Thursday 11

Hi guys! It’s Thursday again, and today we’re talking about an art show in James House.


The HCAH Student Arts Fund enables a variety of artistic endeavors, including the mounting of exhibitions. In April 2009, James House displayed work by Ryan Cameron, ’09, and Allyn Gaestel, ’09, in the exhibition, Nudes, featuring work from both artists spanning the past year. The exhibit included paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs that tip-toed the line between the artistic and the pornographic. The visitors and artist discussed this dynamic on the opening night.

While James House looks nothing like it did in the photos above, the building still hosts exciting students arts events. This Friday, come to James House for another Student Arts Fund exhibition, “A Terrarium of Books: New Work by Honglan Huang.” Honglan Huang, ’16, has created a system of interacting texts and plants in the James House Pop-Up Gallery. Andrew Szczureck, ’16, will perform an original composition at the opening, so be there tomorrow, April 18th at 7:00 PM!

For more information on “A Terrarium of Books,” see:

Hope to see you there!

Anna and Miriam


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