Throwback Thursday 7

Hey guys! We’re back with another Throwback Thursday. Today’s topic: Dialogues on Art.

Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment, 1991-98

Doug and Mike’s Adult Entertainment, 1991-98

In this Dialogues on Art trip, a group of faculty and students went to the Institute of Contemporary Art to see the exhibit, “Mike’s World: Michael Smith & Joshua White (and other collaborators)” and then discussed the experience over a meal. The exhibit consisted of video, installation, and performance work from the 30 year career of artists Michael Smith and Joshua White, and centered around an average Joe character called “Mike,” who is befuddled by the technological advancement and rapid change in society.

Find out more about the center’s Dialogues on Art below:

We’ll be back week after next with another Throwback Thursday. Enjoy your spring break!

–Anna and Miriam



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