Throwback Thursday 4

Hi y’all!

Today we’re going to talk about a Dialogues on Art trip to the Klein Gallery in Philadelphia to view “Saving Faces” by Mark Gilbert.


In this exhibit, the painter Mark Gilbert portrayed patients at the beginning, middle, and end of their facial reconstruction surgeries. These patients underwent surgery to correct deformities caused by genetics, cancer, and injuries. Professor Carol Schilling organized and led the event, where she and a small group of students attended the exhibit after hours via special permission from the curator and director of the gallery. Afterwards, the students and Professor Schilling went to the Marigold Kitchen for dinner to discuss the exhibit.

If, as a faculty member, you would like to learn more about organizing a Dialogues on Art event, you can do so here:

If, as a student, you would like to apply to attend a Dialogues on Art event, you can do so here:


See you next week!

-Anna and Miriam


Photo: Painting by Mark Gilbert for “Saving Faces”,

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