Throwback Thursday 2

Hi everyone!

It’s Anna and Miriam again, back with another Throwback Thursday.

This week we’re focusing on a student Reading Group.

A portrait of Sappho, one of the nine noteworthy lyric poets of Ancient Greece.

A portrait of Sappho, a noteworthy lyric poet of Ancient Greece.

The Ancient Greek Lyric Poetry Group, 2007-08, discussed poets including Sappho, pictured above. This Reading Group filled a void in Haverford’s course offerings, as no course in recent history had covered Ancient Greek lyric poetry. All students and faculty in the group had reading knowledge of Ancient Greek. The HCAH provided funding for the reading materials and refreshments for weekly meetings. Interested in funding your own reading group? Read on!

For Students:

For Faculty:

See ya next Thursday!

-Anna and Miriam

Photo Credits: “Sappho.” Wikimedia Commons. 12 March 2009. Web. 14 Nov 2013.

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