Throwback Thursday 1

Hi, y’all! We’re Anna and Miriam, office assistants in the HCAH. We’re starting a series of weekly posts called Throwback Thursdays highlighting previous activities of the center. This week we’re looking at a student seminar from 2009-10.

Educating Through Animation: Disney as Cultural Pedagogy


This seminar, led by Maggie Goddard ’11, a Religion major and Philosophy minor, explored the societal impacts of Disney’s retellings in relation to race and gender. The seminar drew from multiple sources, spanning the Disney movies themselves to Umberto Eco to Sigmund Freud to the Bible. As a Religion major, Maggie was interested in viewing the Disney franchise as “a kind of secular religion, complete with its own traditions, costumes, rituals, and pilgrimages.” However, she said that the seminar could be approached from many perspectives as, no matter your discipline, Disney represents the universal storytelling of childhood. As Walt Disney himself said, “I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty.”

We hope y’all enjoyed the first Throwback Thursday, and you’ll hear from us next week!

- Anna and Miriam 


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