Brian Dettmer takes books to a new level

We’ve all experienced books, seen them shaped on paper and screen, and felt them shape us. But never like this. Haverford, prepare to experience books in a whole new way.

Brian DettmerSculptor and book enthusiast Brian Dettmer comes to Haverford College on October 22nd. Catch him on in the INSC Rotunda on Tuesday the 22nd and Thursday the 24th while he carves a brand new work of art to be entitled Tristam Shandy out of his choice material—books. Stop by, watch him work, chat for a while.
Brian Dettmer Brian DettmerDettmer will also be giving a walkthrough of his exhibition Elemental on October 25th in the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. The walkthrough begins at 4:30, with a gallery opening at 5:30. Catering, as always, will be provided.

To see more of Dettmer’s incredible artwork, visit his gallery.

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