Wrapping up my summer internship with the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA)

Board of Directors Handbook in Progress!

Board of Directors Handbook in Progress!


With July wrapping up and my mind becoming increasingly focused on salt water, school, and selecting where to apply for post-secondary education, I would like to reflect on my time as a Development Intern with the Philadelphia Orchestra Association this summer before returning to school in the fall. I have become more and more enthralled with this internship each day and the educational opportunities that I have been able to seize during it. I have learned a variety of things pertaining to the inner-workings of Non-Profit Music Business Management such as: Annual Fund, Transformation Fund, Tele-funding, Corporate Funding Policies, Estate-Planning, and the Board of Directors. I have attached to this post an image of what I have been working on closely each day during the summer: assembling the Board of Directors Handbook. (see above)

The Board of Directors, in addition to being: donors, overseers, and committee chairs of the POA, are passionate and active philanthropists of culture and the arts in Philadelphia. Without the aid of these dedicated and capable individuals, the orchestra would not be able to flourish to the degree that it does on a daily basis. The Board of Directors Handbook, which I have been working on, is an important educational tool that essentially provides a thorough overview of the people, events, policies, and committees involved in the POA each year. This handbook provides accessible information about the: concert schedule, ticket information, background history of the POA, bios of the conductors and CEO, and contact info. of other board members which helps them to connect with each other. This propitious handbook helps to fortify the sense of community between Orchestra Staff Members and Board of Directors, and I am thankful to have been included in this insightful process.

My summer internship with the Philadelphia Orchestra Association is very helpful not only for my graduate school resume, but also because it gives me insight into the inner-workings and strategies of a prestigious non-profit association. In addition, I have been able to cultivate relationships with many amiable staff members in Development, Marketing, and Annual Fund Departments this summer. Regardless of whether I go into teaching, publishing, non-profit arts management, or for-profit arts management after my graduate school tutelage, I will definitely look back on my time with the Philadelphia Orchestra Association as a time of learning, growing, and networking with enthusiastic musicians in Philadelphia.


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