BLOODROOT: An upcoming mystery installation


The Bloodroot plant (or as it is scientifically named, sanguinaria canadensis) is found in the murkiest, bottom-most parts of forests in many parts of North America. Its name comes from the the bloodish red liquid that runs in its root and through its veins. It is known for opening its white petals up to witness the sun, and closing them again during dark or overcast times.

Opening and closing
Rising and falling
Ebbing and flowing
Living and dying
Pulsing, pulsing

Bloodroot, a student-made installation piece sponsored by the Humanities Center’s Student Arts Fund, presents this rhythm to you, the player, by creating an immersive environment where you may move, touch, play, experiment, and leave your mark.



  • Bring a friend. One friend. Only 2 people may enter the installation space at a time.
  • Come with your mind open and ready to solve puzzles.
  • The rest is a secret. We wouldn’t want to spoil the show.

Set to open the week after Spring Break. Exact dates and times TBA.

Questions? Comments?
Marissa Gibson-Garcia ’15
Honglan Huang ’16


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  1. Cool! Looking forward!


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