The Body Text//Margin Editorial Board

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, sits behind massive sunglasses and silently judges fashion as it sashays past her down a runway. Later, she makes decisions about whether plaid is in or out, if blue eyeshadow can be worn above the eyebrows, and the importance of Alexander McQueen.

The editorial board of Body Text//Margin basically does the same thing. Just imagine a walkway with academic papers, elegant and intriguing, slowly edging down the runway (how exactly does a paper walk anyway?). And in the case of Margin, there might also be songs, lists, recipes, collages made out of cheerios, all relating to this year’s theme “Deploying Terror: Cultural Studies of 9/11 and the War on Terror”. We, the editorial board, (sunglass-wearing optional) read our peers’ work with a critical eye and after lively conversation, choose what to publish. It takes the academics out of the classroom and into the world of publishing.

Greatest part about all of this? The time has come to accept new members to the editorial board. If you are interested, email Rachel Kobasa ( for an application or with any questions you may have.

*Analogy of Body Text//Margin editorial board with Anna Wintour does not extend to hanging out with Nicki Minaj, although who’s to say?

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