SAVE AS: Lightning Talks

19 talks.  Two minutes each.  Speakers include:

1. Corey Chao, “When Lightning Strikes”
2. Mirella Deocadiz, “What A User Wants: Expanding the Definition of “Website Design”
3.  Alice Boone, “Social Distortion: Notes on the New Aesthetic”
4. Shahzeen Nasim, “ “The Morality of Good Design””
5. Ani Chen, ” A New Soapbox: Moving Women’s Suffrage from Textbooks to Web”
6. Travis Taylor, “Popular Authority: Evolving Information Society in Egypt
7. Jenni Punt, “For the Record: Trans-Div Seminar”
8./9. Benjamin Ellentuck and Catherine Park “Slow Metadata for Old Novels”
10. Jon Appel, “Animating the Digital World”
11. Carl Sigmond “Discovering the Discovery and the Grandfather Who Saved Millions”
12.  Minh-Duyen Thi Nguyen, “A Belated History Lesson: Cataloging Women’s Political History”
13. Rose Abernathy, “Snag’em: A Pervasive Networking Game”
14. Mike Zarafonetis, “Lancaster Ave. Viewfinder, a Demo”
15. Hema Surendranathan, “Social Tumblr: mimicking our rules and protecting our property.”
16.  Travis Zadeh, “Religious Text Databases”
17. Jen Rajchel “Who Killed Sarah Stout?”
18. Richard Freedman “Digital Du Chemin”
19. Sebastianna Skalisky & David Moore, “Communicating in Two Minutes”

Brought to you by SAVE AS, a yearlong series that will inspire the Haverford campus to reimagine changing technologies and their implications for how we think, learn, and live. SAVE AS includes Digital Scholarship in the Library, the Instructional Technology and Training group of IITS, the Hurford Center of the Arts & Humanities, and Tri-Co Digital Humanities.

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