Documentary Films on Immigrant Rights and Salvadoran War Orphans

This summer I am working for three different documentary filmmakers in Philadelphia: Laura Deutch, Maria Teresa Rodriquez and Kaye Pyle. For Laura, I am helping to turn her documentary film “El sol sale para todos”—about the growing Mexican population in south Philadelphia—into an educational and informational tool. I am also creating a Facebook page for the film with the hopes of helping the film reach a broader audience. Maria and Kaye have just finished their most recent film: “Niños de la memoria”—a documentary about children who disappeared during the Salvadoran civil war in the 1980s and how many were taken away from their families and put up for adoption by U.S.-trained soldiers of the Salvadoran army. I am assisting Maria and Kaye in preparing deliverables for the organizations from which they received funding. I am also possibly going to edit a rough cut of a trailer for their film.

By interning with these filmmakers I have had the invaluable opportunity to advance my skills under the guidance of experienced professionals and broaden my theoretical and practical knowledge about a number of real-world aspects of filmmaking—including editing, research, grant applications, organizing community outreach events, website creation and maintenance and more.

This internship has made me more excited than ever to make my next short film. I am hoping to find inspiration during my studying abroad experience in Cape Town, South Africa which I leave for tonight!

Check out the Facebook page for “Niños de la memoria” at:ños-de-la-Memoria-documentary-film/172698549407327

And, check out the Facebook page for “El sol sale para todos” at:

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