Gift Giving

Make a gift!

Haverford College Crew appreciates and welcomes all support. We draw our funding from three sources: Students’ Council,  who pay for our Coaches salaries and entry fees, the crew fund, a small contribution from each rower used for incidentals, and gifts to the club, which allow us to make major purchases like ergs, oars and boats. Each year, Student’s Council covers our participation and coaching expenses, but we rely on fund-raising efforts and gifts for our equipment needs.

Races are an outstanding way to get involved. Spend a day by the water, watch some rowing, and be a part of Haverford Crew! Beyond spectating at races, the team has many many logistical needs that interested parents can help out with. Food is the major one, since most races last the whole day and hungry rowers and coxswains need to be fed to row well. Many teams turn their regattas into family events (dogs, too) – everyone is always invited to come be a part of the team.

A successful rowing program requires a lot of equipment, and this can be another great way to support Haverford Crew. We need to raise money for everything from boats, oars, and ergs to the tools, shoes, skegs, nuts and bolts to maintain them! Because we hold on to our boats and other equipment for as long as we can, they need good care, and good care requires the right tools and components. Plus, a new boat, some oars, or an erg here and there keeps us competitive and lets the program grow and develop!

Overview of the Major Costs of Rowing:

Oar – $330

Erg (Rowing Machine) – $900

Set of 8 Oars – $2,640

Used Shell – $5,000 – $15,000

New 8+/4+ Racing Shell – $20,000 – $40,000

Boat Trailer – $10,000


All donations of time, skill, or equipment are greatly appreciated, as each one will help Haverford Crew grow and develop as a thriving, fun and supportive program!

If you are interested in supporting us, there are many options when it comes to volunteering. One may choose to:

  • Donate money or equipment
  • Provide regatta food
  • Serve the food at races
  • Manage the team tent
  • Help organize and establish the parents network

To coordinate making a gift, if you have any questions, or you would like to support the team in any way, please contact Ellie Greenler (