Me vs The Clock

It’s crunchtime!!!!

Heading into my last weekend to record, I’ve got 4 or more songs to write/record.

I’m about to lock in!!!

I need to get LuLu on this project so it can be complete

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I just started a facebook group for this project!!!

So if you’re following this, you need to get on that!!!

Oh yea, expect some videos in the next couple of days and possibly another song release


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Viva La Vida

I went to an a capella concert last night with the Mainliners and this group from Columbia…good show!!!

But it made me want to remake the Coldplay track, Viva La Vida

I think I can do it

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Speed of Sound

The break is pretty much over but I got A LOT of work done on this project

As soon as I get back on campus tomorrow, I’ll be heading right into the studio. I’ve got 8 songs to record!!!

I’m excited!!

I definitely have to thank all of my friends that helped me out while I was home. I got some new tracks done, some beats, and some help…all good stuff!!!

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I’m SO EXCITED about this track I just finished!!!

You’ll see that I love to remake old songs in my own way.

I want you guys to get like goosebumps or something when you hear this one.

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I’m working on something monumental for Rosalie and I to get on.

I’m going to call this one History

It’s gonna be a problem!!!!

I don’t think McGraw is even ready for this one

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